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ACCOUNTABILITY to the Security Officer Industry

…and in everything we do.

With decades of experience in the security guard industry, developing and supporting security software & apps, the U.S.-based AccountAbility Global team has invested over 100,000 hours, day and night, weekend and holiday, helping and learning from you. “The K.I.S.S. Principle” (Keep It Simple, Soldier) has been a common theme, and so a central guiding force in our development.   

AccountAbility—also an important principle and guiding force—is uniquely positioned to offer you a security officer workforce management system and security apps that are easy to use, dependable, and affordable, while also loaded with powerful and unique capabilities to fit your specific security workforce tracking and reporting needs. It is our honor to be accountable to you.

Click HERE for a demo of this security officer management system or call (800) 688-9633 to decide if this is the best security workforce management software for you.   


A security workforce management system that you can depend on.

NFC, QR and Virtual Checkpoint ready, this security workforce management system has been battle-tested 24/7 for over a decade by hundreds of thousands of security officers, always evolving with customer input, to provide an easy-to-use, affordable, and DEPENDABLE solution for managing your security workforce.

What Are Our Customers Saying About Their Security Workforce Management System?

Goliath Protective Services
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The AccountAbility team is awesome! Day or night, they are always available via email or there after hours. I truly recommend AccountAbility for your business.
PENN National Security
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Our company has worked with this team for years and it's safe to say their support is above and beyond what you would hope for in this industry. They care about their customers. Solid team, solid choice.
Dumbarton Security Service
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Steve and his team are life savers. This is your one stop solution for all your security support needs.
Frontrunner Protective Services
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Great product, great partners!!! We have worked with the folks at AccountAbility global for a few years now, and can honestly say that the App is a great resource for electronic reporting and managing the officers in the field. Their team of professional programmers are extremely responsive and always open to your new ideas. In the Security business is extremely important. To have timely and accurate reporting. Accountability global provides that for us. Definitely recommend this company!!!
So Cal Security
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Dependable and reliable! Highly recommended to keep track and manage your guards. Helps me kill multiple birds with one stone.
Operation Spear
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Great Company with a solid security application that treats their customers with respect and works with them to provide excellent service. Steve and his team always have great communication and go above and beyond to resolve any issues. Highly recommend!
Community Watch Solutions
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I've been in law enforcement for over twenty years and just as much time in the security industry. I've finally found a company that understands the needs of the security industry. Their application is second to none and their professional and courteous technicians are extremely quick to assist with any technical problems or questions. It's a joy to deal with such professionals as Steve, Gage, Bill and the entire team.
Public Safety Solution Texas, LLC
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Highly recommended. I have been in the law enforcement and security industry for 19 years. Shortly, after opening my business 18 years ago, I met Steve and learned about his great product (this app). I wanted accountability, transparency, and honor from my employees when utilizing this product. This of course is passed onto the customers who are like family to me. There are many other apps out there that offer similar features, however the trust, the accessibility, and the accountability I have with ACCOUNTABILITY GLOBAL is why I have been a long time customer. Thank you!
Lyons Security Service, Inc.
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Had an issue and was called back right away to fix the problem. Never had a company get back to me and help. Great app.
STS Security Inc.
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The app itself is top notch very easy to use and self explanatory. However if help is ever needed Steve and his team are responsive and attentive to your needs. I’ve been partnering with their team for about two years now with my security company in Illinois and I won’t make a change highly recommended by STS Security Inc.
BluLineSafe Security
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Highly recommend. I've been working with Steve for over 3 years now. When I first talked to him about using his system to improve my security guards' performance, he provided me with all the necessary information right away. Thanks to his system, we now have happy customers who are very impressed. Most importantly, we've been able to secure some big time contracts and even win awards! I strongly suggest considering this system.
Guard Armed Security
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We have been using Accountability for the past six months, and it is the best tracking and reporting platform in the market so far. We are extremely satisfied with the service. It is highly recommended for any security business looking for reliable and efficient solutions.

Why choose AccountAbility Global for your security workforce management system software needs?


We cannot stress it enough. Way back when the security workforce system was new, and only offered bare-bones capabilities, it was the Support team that kept our customers with us year after year as we improved. We were always surprised by how surprised our customers initially were that we answered the phone at 3AM, or called them right back on Thanksgiving. Unlike a lot of other successful guard tour companies who may have offered good service when they were young, we have never ceased offering that level of Support, and never will. It is simply who we are.



The decades we have spent in service to the security industry has made it clear that having a security workforce app download that is easy to use for your mobile security force, as well as security workforce software that is easy for you, is paramount. This system is likely the easiest to use in the industry, while still providing you with customizable and dynamic capabilities. Keep it simple. We heard you and we listened.  


Always on the lookout for how we can make the AccountAbility Global security workforce management system better for you, we regularly add new capabilities and simplify existing ones. The system is extremely robust, including geofencing and a PANIC button to keep mobile security officers safe. And the optional neighborhood watch app, for example, adds an additional layer of security for your clients that they can’t get with your competitors. Visitor management/ Facility access control is also optional, along with many standard services that this “Learn More” button will reveal.



We will never finish making this security officer workforce management system better. The AccountAbility team is dedicated to giving you the very best we can, and that is ever evolving.  Whether it was Covid19, a shift in the political climate, or any reason at all, the security industry adapts and so do we.  While many facets to the security workforce software are easily customizable by you—like report types/ names—we can also build you that specific form and report for that specific customer, ultra-affordably.

Manage Your Security Workforce Affordably With the Proven AccountAbility Global Security Guard Workforce Management System and Unparalleled Support.

Mobile App

An effective Security Guard Tour App is a must to manage your security workforce optimally. The AccountAbility Global security guard app is ultra-simple to use, while performing all the functions you need it to: Security officer tracking, mobile reporting, a PANIC button, optional visitor management, supervisory and management functions, QR and NFC scanning and much more!

Visitor Management

An optional visitor management/ facility access control component makes it easy for your security workforce to move folks in and out of a facility or a single room. Visitor access can be granted by submitting a quick mobile form with any relevant pics, or by scanning a security card, sticker, or badge. Useful for regular visitors like employees or residents as well as new visitors.

Guard Tour System

The AccountAbility Guard Tour System checks all the boxes: Reliability, affordability, simplicity, capability, and all supported by our staff of security industry experts located right here in the USA. While the security workforce management system is intuitive, fully illustrated User Manuals and training are included at no additional charge. And it's all branded to your security business!

Community Security

The optional neighborhood watch/ community security app adds a layer of security to this security workforce management software that your competitors cannot offer. This simple community crime watch system can be deployed to an HOA, a factory, a strip mall, etc., allowing anyone with access, from residents to store managers, to submit security concerns and more!

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