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Security Guard Timekeeping & Attendance Tracking

Security guard timekeeping and attendance tracking is easy and reliable with this security officer time & attendance system. DEMO or call (800) 688-9633 to see.

Security guard Time & Attendance tracking are essential parts of running a successful security business for many reasons. So, we have built a simple timekeeping and attendance report into this security guard management system and app. Time and attendance are important, but only one of the important pieces of the whole. 

Besides timekeeping and attendance to assist with your billing and payroll, this security workforce management software includes: a Guard Tour/ Patrol App, Visitor Management, Company Vehicle Reports and many other reports like Incident and Activity with various delivery methods, Geofencing, Guard Tracking with or without scanning, Lone-worker Protection, missed checkpoint alerts, suspicious person and vehicle reports and LOOK-UP, and a lot more.

One of the most unique aspects of the system—and a feature that truly sets you apart from and above your competitors—is the Neighborhood/ Community Watch App, which you can see more about by simply clicking the link.

So, you can have CLOCK-IN and CLOCK-OUT Timekeeping and Attendance functions only if you choose, or the entire guard management system. Either way you will find that this system and app are customized to your needs, and all the more affordable for it.

Acquire guard Time & Attendance software as a stand-alone, or as part of the security officer management system. Call (800) 688-9633 or CLICK HERE for a demonstration.   

Here are some of the reasons why security guard timekeeping and attendance are so important:

      1. security-guard-timekeeping-attendance-tracking-appAccountability (yes, that is our name for a reason): Time and attendance, like every piece of this system, is about accountability. But not only does transparency keep your guards accountable. It also promotes a sense of fairness among employees, knowing that there is a company standard for everyone to adhere to. And anything you can do to foster a positive work experience for your employees strengthens your company.
      2. Payroll & Billing: Timekeeping reports can be run BY-USER to assist with payroll, or BY-SITE for billing. Employee hours are added for the week, or month, or whatever your pay period is using simple filters to get you exactly the report you need. This protects your company’s bottom line, of course, but also assures employees that they are paid for the hours they’ve worked.
      3. Attendance: By tracking attendance patterns, you can monitor staffing needs to best allocate resources. A better understanding of guard attendance helps prevent understaffing. And you can even set alerts to advise you, or any managers involved, if a security officer has not Clocked-in for the day.
      4. Security Guard Performance Analysis: Timekeeping and attendance is a good indicator of who among your security workforce is most consistently doing their jobs and arriving on time. These metrics can help you determine if an employee must be terminated, or if maybe that security officer is ready to consider for a promotion.
      5. Compliance: The security industry has many regulations regarding employee work hours, which vary from state to state. Timekeeping and attendance tracking help you to stay in line with state and federal regulations, avoiding legal issues and financial penalties.
      6. Cost Control: Accurate timekeeping helps control labor costs by efficiently tracking hours worked and overtime. This system also allows for management to edit incorrect clock-ins and outs, and even clock a security officer in or out, if that security guard forgot.
      7. Remote Workforce Management: Security guards are the very definition of “remote workforce”, with their various sites and mobile patrols. This system is therefore built to easily attribute the clock-ins and clock-outs to each location, even geofencing them to be sure they are at the location when they clock in. These and other built-in security measures ensure remote guards are working their scheduled hours.


Security guard timekeeping & attendance tracking help with compliance, productivity, protect your bottom line, and create a more positive work environment. (800) 688-9633

The right timekeeping and attendance tracking system solves problems. And while this system is reliable and efficient at solving those issues, we understand that what may make this the best security guard time & attendance tracking system for your needs is affordability. We’ve been in the security space long enough to understand the margins, so we do everything in our power to make this timekeeping and attendance system and app download—along with the entire security workforce management system and apps—fit your budget. Whether you are a start-up security officer agency looking to do things right, or a billion-dollar business looking for a better security solution, this time & attendance tracking system bears investigation.  

Simplify Time & Attendance with this powerful, reliable, and affordable security guard timekeeping and attendance tracking system. Call (800) 688-9633 or click to DEMO