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We have been doing this long enough to respect that we need to get to the point, so we will be as concise as possible.

This is an incredibly affordable, easy-to-use, reliable (yet dynamic) security officer workforce system and mobile App(s). The security guard management system includes functions like a mobile app PANIC button, Access Control, and a very unique and game-changing Neighborhood Watch/ Community Security App.  More about that here: Arsenal

There are two factors that affect Pricing:

      1. Is it more cost-effective to base your pricing on system users, or sites, or unlimited use for a specific geographic area?
      2. What do you want, or need, the security workforce system to do?

This is the most custom-fit (easily) security officer app and workforce management system that we have seen and, with over 100,000 hours of service and support to the security guard industry, we have seen a lot.    More about that: Custom Security Forms and Reports APP

So, we can say that your needs may have the tour system start at $3.00 per month per user with a minimum, but it depends on the functionality you are looking for, and how many users. 

The great news is that we are going to quickly and efficiently add mobile app and management functions that you need, and remove buttons and functions that you don’t need, to give you the best possible experience and monthly cost. This custom fit also means that your security officers are not confused by dozens of buttons of excellent but specific functions that you/ they don’t need.

Please call our security workforce management system pricing experts at (800) 688-9633 or click for a DEMONo annoying “hard close” tactics, guaranteed.

Seriously, we’ll answer your questions and send you a proposal if you so direct. That’s it.