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Security Guard Patrol System Software

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A security guard patrol system is one of the most important tools in a security guard company’s arsenal. Finding guard patrol system software is easy enough; simply Google “Security Guard Patrol System” or “Guard Patrol System Software” and you’ll get about a million results! So, which is the right security officer patrol tracking system for you?

The issue is that many of the security guard patrol system options have either been developed overseas, by companies with little to no U.S. security experience, or their patrol system “solution” was developed by software companies looking to make a profit in the security industry…in which they have no previous experience either. That is a big part of the reason that you may have had bad experiences with security officer patrol system software and guard patrol apps in the past.

Another significant weakness with many security officer patrol system providers is their lack of SUPPORT. That has always been surprising to our team, as we have always understood that security is 24/7, and so then, patrol system Support must be too.

Unfortunately, in our experience, the previous couple paragraphs probably encompass 80% PLUS of the security officer patrol system software offerings out there.

The BEST security officer patrol system software and app download should arguably include:

      • Expert, U.S.-based Support
      • Reliability (including security officer safety considerations)
      • Ease-of-use
      • Post Orders/ SOP Management
      • A simple Geofencing option
      • Patrol system & App Training
      • Simple Post Orders/ SOP management
      • Affordability
      • Checkpoint options: NFC, QR and VIRTUAL
      • Numerous Reporting options
      • Custom Patrol System Report options
      • Branding to YOUR company
      • And some really cool stuff that the other guy can’t offer!


Yeah, we’ve got your six.

Call a security officer patrol system software expert at (800) 688-9633 or schedule a DEMO to see if this is the best guard patrol system and patrol tracking and scanning app for your

Security Guard Patrol System SUPPORT… Support is in all caps for a reason; the same reason that AccountAbility is our name. The security officer patrol system software & App Support team at AccountAbility has provided over 100,000 HOURS of support to the security officer industry. This is 24/7, in the trenches, whether it is an 0330 phone call because a security officer forgot their password, or a new manager needs to know how to add a new site. Complete security guard patrol system and app support. As previously, briefly mentioned, it is shocking to us that so many “suppliers” of security guard patrol management systems think they can kick off at 5PM Friday and start supporting their patrol system customers again on Monday at 9AM, so long as it isn’t a holiday! This is the SECURITY INDUSTRY!  People’s property and LIVES are on the line! You will find, in very little time, that we are very different. Staffed with U.S.-based security officer patrol system experts, who answer or return calls in the middle of the night, or excuse themselves from the Thanksgiving table if needed.  We have you covered.

A couple things make supporting the AccountAbility security officer patrol system software and patrol tracking app easier for us, and one of those is DEPENDABILITY. The foundation of this patrol tracking system is the same ultra-secure platform utilized by INTEL, Harvard, Government agencies around the world, and a great many of the Fortune 500 companies. Data is super-encrypted moving in and out, and passwords are hidden, even from US (though your level 1 management can change them any time). With an up-time in excess of 99.9%, this security officer patrol software and tour system is as reliable as one could hope. And all that stability is pretty important when supporting your security business, especially when it comes to the safety of your security officers.  For you and your officers, we therefore provide the mobile lone-worker protection PANIC BUTTON.       

The second advantage that makes supporting this security guard patrol system software and app easier is EASE-OF-USE. We refer here to simplicity for you (Management), your security workforce, and your customers. One thing we have definitely learned over the years is K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Soldier). To this end, the mobile security guard patrol app, as well as every system “Portal” (a database where you or your customers can view and/or control data) has a USER MANUAL; albeit some only one page long, because they are that simple. We also use words instead of fancy icons. So, if your new security officer needs to do an Incident Report while on patrol, the mobile app button says, “INCIDENT REPORT”.  Simple.

Schedule a security guard patrol system DEMO or call (800) 688-9633 to decide if this security officer patrol software and mobile patrol app are the best fit for your needs. 

Guard Patrol System TRAINING should be simple as well. Through the decades, I personally have seen security guard patrol management systems that require THREE, TWO-HOUR TRAINING SESSIONS.  That is…crazy. Seriously. Why is it so complicated?  And how much of that six hours of training can be retained? The training tutorials for this system are in sharable video form, covering everything in the ADMIN (Management) PORTAL in well under an hour, and the ACCOUNTABILITY MOBILE app in less than HALF an hour…and that covers the security officer patrol system and the entire security workforce management system, including some really cool features that 99%+ of the guard patrol system providers don’t/can’t provide. We offer video training, ongoing live training, and scheduled Q & A after the tutorial videos too.  Though, it is wonderful how rarely we get asked–because the security officer patrol system software and patrol tracking app are just that intuitive. security-officer-patrol-system-software  

The reports that go to you and to your customers are also a very crucial factor to consider in a security guard patrol system. And AccountAbility security company customer reporting is top notch. First, we (you) can provide traditional emailed reports, DAR (daily activity report), INCIDENT and VISITOR reports, arriving each morning, and including the last 24 hour or security guard patrol system reporting. Second, you can easily set your managers, supervisors, and customers to receive REAL-TIME guard patrol reports and alerts. And third, the customer facing “REPORTS PORTAL”.

The Reports Portal gives your customers real-time access to guard patrol activity, Incident Reports, Visitor Reports (if you utilize the Access Control piece of the AccountAbility security workforce system), and custom reports (if you have them created).

And that is the thing. This security officer patrol monitoring system is completely customizable. We have another page that speaks to how truly amazing that is, so please click this blue link for more about Custom Forms and Reports, or just give us a call.  

Security guard patrol system software that goes above and beyond is here. Click for a DEMO of the guard patrol system and guard tour app or call (800) 688-9633.

BRANDING. This guard patrol system, and any piece of the security workforce system that you utilize, will be branded to your company. The emailed reports that your customers receive, the REPORTS PORTAL, the alerts they receive; it’s all you. We even take an additional step, which we are not aware of anyone else in the guard patrol system business doing. We create a branded marketing flyer and a seven (7) page marketing/ bid piece, all with your logos, emails and phone numbers, for you to use however is best suited to your security guard business needs. That branded marketing/bid material speaks to the security officer patrol system software, but also to some other really cool functions that 99%+ of your competitors cannot offer.guard-patrol-system-neighborhood-watch-app  

The MAIN “really cool” function of this powerful security guard patrol tracking system is the very unique Neighborhood/ Business Crime Watch APP. There are many things that set the AccountAbility security officer patrol system and guard patrol app apart from, and above, the security officer software industry in general—from TRUE, 24/7, American support, to a totally customizable experience—but this neighborhood watch system and app is something that our team, who conceptualized and built it, has never seen in another security guard patrol system. Simply, the Community Security App adds another whole layer of security to any business, factory, condo, HOA, strip mall, or ANY customer of yours who you wish to grant access.  Again, customizable to include the functions you need, the Community Security App is a HUGE selling point for you.

Finally, is this guard patrol system AFFORDABLE?  Yes.

We at AccountAbility Global have been serving the security officer industry for a very long time. We are well aware that the margins are sometimes painfully thin. The last thing you need is to finally find the best security guard patrol system and patrol tracking app for your needs, then find that patrol software was made unaffordable. When you call the security patrol experts at AccountAbility, we will fit the security officer patrol system to YOUR NEEDS and price it accordingly. If you just need to have your security officers clock-in and out for each site patrol, we could come in at $3 per user (based on a good number of users), or if you need unlimited sites for a geographical area in which you are running guard patrols, we will make that equally affordable. The point is that this security officer patrol system software will be tailored to your needs, priced accordingly, then scaled at your pace.

Finally, do NOT fall for the “FREE security guard patrol system” or “FREE guard patrol app” game. The cost to you and your security officer company will be far greater with bait-and-switch “Free” security guard system software than it will be just to choose the right affordable guard patrol tracking system and app.

Call us to discuss this reliable, affordable, and simple guard patrol system software, patrol tracking app, and security workforce management system: (800) 688 -9633 or schedule a DEMO Here.