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Post Orders/ SOP Management System & App

Post Orders or SOPs should be easy for your security guards to access and understand. Call (800) 688-9633 or click to DEMO this Post Order/ SOP Management system & App.

Post Orders/ SOP are the go-to guides for security officers. Post Orders can list regular duties, which you require at all your customer sites, but they also include site-specific instructions. These site-specific Post Orders may be decided by your management team or requested by your client. Regardless, it is important that your security officers understand safety protocols, emergency procedures, and key locations for that customer location, for example. 

Quick access to Post Orders/ SOP is required to maintain smooth security officer agency operations, and the AccountAbility desktop and mobile security guard app provide that. And, since Post Orders differ from customer to customer, this Post Order/ SOP System Software also ensures that the correct SOP are easily accessible for your security workforce, whether the user is a stationary security officer in a guard house or lobby, or a guard on a foot patrol or vehicle patrol.  

Functioning as dynamic blueprints, security guard Post Orders/ SOP should evolve alongside emerging security risks. While Standard Operating Procedures/ SOP specify ongoing, regular duties, Post Orders also change to precise instructions, methods, and procedures for reporting suspicious activities and how to properly catalog various security incidents and activities, based on experiences at that site.

If the security officer duties at a particular customer site require that a parking garage be patrolled, then the post orders for that location might include what is expected regarding the reporting of parking violations. Visitor Management is another security service that should include special instructions in Post Orders, if provided at that customer site.

Digital Post Orders/ SOP, accessed with a mobile security guard app, is the easiest and best way to manage Post Orders. Call (800) 688-9633 to discuss or click to DEMO.

security-guard-post-orders-sop-management-appSo, how do you create effective security post orders for your guard posts and mobile security guards?

        1. Firstly, post orders should always be concise, readable, and reliable, generally including a site map, standard and site-specific procedures, ethics codes, and contact information for management and law enforcement.
        2. Secondly, K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Soldier) is paramount. The AccountAbility security guard management system makes adding your post orders simple, and your security workforce’s access to them easy too. It is a common theme in everything we do.
        3. Lastly, regular review and updates. Ideally, you should revisit post orders at least a couple times a year and, of course, after any security incident that may affect the way procedures should be handled at that location.


In today’s security landscape, transitioning from traditional pen-and-paper post orders to a reliable guard tour app download to access those post orders/ SOP offers numerous advantages. Among other things, accessing Post Orders through a mobile guard tour app enables swift updates, facilitates real-time communication, and streamlines organizational operations in general, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and accountability…  There’s that word again.

So, digital security guard Post Orders/ SOP, accessed through a mobile guard tour app, is the best way to go. But there are a couple more factors to consider to determine if this is the best Post Orders/ SOP App and system for you: Ease-of-use, Affordability, and Dependability.

Well made Post Orders/ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are invaluable. This patrol tracking app gives your security guards easy access to Post Orders/ SOP. (800) 688-9633

The AccountAbility Post Order system and SOP app was first designed over a decade ago by the CFO for a large physical security business who was tired of overcomplicated guard management system “solutions”. While he is still our lead consultant, our certified system experts have only further simplified the system since. Making it easy for your security guards to access Post Orders/ SOP, and just as easy for you to post them, is always at the forefront of our consideration in further development.

This Post Order App is affordable for the same reason. When a security workforce management system is conceptualized by someone who has worked on the physical security side, seeing the thin margins and, in our lead consultant’s case, actually having the responsibility of crunching the numbers, then cost is always a consideration. As explained on our pricing page, while there is no such thing as a FREE Post Order system and app (not a trustworthy/ reliable one, anyway), this is as close as you can get.

There are few industries in which dependability is more important than in the security guard industry. That is why this Post Order/ SOP system software and app are built on the same ultra-secure and stable platform that many Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, medical facilities and Universities use for their purposes. With and average of well over 99% up-time, and 100% successful report delivery at the time of this writing (it always makes me nervous to mention that. LOL!), you just can’t get a more reliable Post Orders/ SOP system and app than this one.

And Finally, SUPPORT. You will be pleased to learn that this security guard Post Orders/ SOP system and app is supported by U.S.-based experts, available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We have invested over 100,000 hours of development and support in the security industry and have developed much of what now exists by learning from YOU, the security industry experts in the trenches.

It will be our pleasure to be accountable to you.

Call a U.S.-based security guard Post Order expert at (800) 688-9633 or click HERE to determine if this SOP system and app is the best Post Order/ SOP system for YOU.