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Security Guard Company Services – Local Directory

Welcome to the AccountAbility Global directory of vetted, local security guard service companies, all verified to be using the latest AccountAbility technology for security officer tracking, reporting, management software, and apps.

Simply enter your zip code above and "Search" for a local security guard services business who is using the best AccountAbility security officer tracking and reporting management systems & mobile security guard apps.


Fully Customizable and Affordable

This security guard app is fully customizable and is fitted to your security provider’s specific business needs. We tailor every function, whether it be Suspicious Persons & Vehicle Reports, Visitor Management, Daily Security Reports, Geofencing, Post Orders, or Incident Types specific to your site, to fully support your business and protect your assets. This technology helps place these local security guard service companies among the best near you. 


24/7 U.S.-Based Support

The security industry never sleeps, so neither does AccountAbility. When you pay for a local security guard service, you expect it to work. That’s why our U.S. based Support Specialists have been trained on this system for over 100,000 collective hours and are standing by 24/7, 365 to assist these local security guard service providers, no matter the time. That kind of Support contributes to placing these security officer agencies among the best local security guard service companies as well.

24/7 U.S.-Based Support

We know that the security industry never takes a day off, and neither do we! When you pay for a service, you expect it to work. That’s why our talented and personable team of U.S. based Support Specialists have been trained on our system extensively and are standing by 24/7, 365 to assist with any questions you may have, no matter the time.


Simplicity and Training

In an age when software companies are making everything fancier and more complicated, we understand the importance of the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple, Soldier). So, as capable and feature-rich as this security technology is, it is all designed to be as simple as possible for the mobile security workforce to use, the security Management team to control, and you, the customer, to receive your daily reports and/or real-time reports each day.


Unique and Powerful Functions

The Neighborhood/ Community Watch App adds a layer of security for your community that only security guard businesses using the AccountAbility system can offer. Putting the power of security notifications in your hands, it allows you and your wards to notify your security team of possible threats that they see. This and other awesome technology features available through these security officer service companies definitely place them among the very best local security guard service companies near you.

Unique and Powerful Functions

The optional Community Watch App adds a layer of security to this security workforce management software that your competitors cannot offer. This simple community crime watch system can be deployed to an HOA, a factory, a strip mall, etc., allowing anyone with access, from residents to store managers, to submit security concerns and more!

What Our Customers Are Saying About Their Security Workforce Management System

Goliath Protective Services
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The AccountAbility team is awesome! Day or night, they are always available via email or there after hours. I truly recommend AccountAbility for your business.
PENN National Security
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Our company has worked with this team for years and it's safe to say their support is above and beyond what you would hope for in this industry. They care about their customers. Solid team, solid choice.
Dumbarton Security Service
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Steve and his team are life savers. This is your one stop solution for all your security support needs.
Frontrunner Protective Services
Read More
Great product, great partners!!! We have worked with the folks at AccountAbility global for a few years now, and can honestly say that the App is a great resource for electronic reporting and managing the officers in the field. Their team of professional programmers are extremely responsive and always open to your new ideas. In the Security business is extremely important. To have timely and accurate reporting. Accountability global provides that for us. Definitely recommend this company!!!
So Cal Security
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Dependable and reliable! Highly recommended to keep track and manage your guards. Helps me kill multiple birds with one stone.
Operation Spear
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Great Company with a solid security application that treats their customers with respect and works with them to provide excellent service. Steve and his team always have great communication and go above and beyond to resolve any issues. Highly recommend!
Community Watch Solutions
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I've been in law enforcement for over twenty years and just as much time in the security industry. I've finally found a company that understands the needs of the security industry. Their application is second to none and their professional and courteous technicians are extremely quick to assist with any technical problems or questions. It's a joy to deal with such professionals as Steve, Gage, Bill and the entire team.
Public Safety Solution Texas, LLC
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Highly recommended. I have been in the law enforcement and security industry for 19 years. Shortly, after opening my business 18 years ago, I met Steve and learned about his great product (this app). I wanted accountability, transparency, and honor from my employees when utilizing this product. This of course is passed onto the customers who are like family to me. There are many other apps out there that offer similar features, however the trust, the accessibility, and the accountability I have with ACCOUNTABILITY GLOBAL is why I have been a long time customer. Thank you!
Lyons Security Service, Inc.
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Had an issue and was called back right away to fix the problem. Never had a company get back to me and help. Great app.
STS Security Inc.
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The app itself is top notch very easy to use and self explanatory. However if help is ever needed Steve and his team are responsive and attentive to your needs. I’ve been partnering with their team for about two years now with my security company in Illinois and I won’t make a change highly recommended by STS Security Inc.

Simply search your zip code in the directory at the top of the page to find the best local security guard services company using the latest security tech. 

There are many local security guard service companies to choose from. Some good. Some not good. But in a time when it feels like the world has become more dangerous than ever–whether that perception is due to actual increased danger, daily, shocking media headlines, or the fact that social media and the internet make us aware of every tragedy everywhere–the bottom line is: It is very important to find the best local security guard service company for your needs; to protect your assets and to give you and your wards peace of mind.

So what makes these local security guard services companies the best protection agencies near you?

Accountability is the common denominator throughout the following explanations. It is the name of our company for a reason, and these local security guard service companies are among the best because they can be visibly accountable to YOU. Gone are the days of paper reports claiming that a security officer was somewhere that they may not have been, at a time that was incorrect.  These excellent local security guard firms have chosen this system because every submission is time-stamped and geo-tagged, so they can see, and share, detailed reports with you, including multiple related pictures. They can do this with nice emailed reports, or can even give you your own personal database of reports including simple filters to give you the EXACT report you want, anytime and from anywhere. In a nutshell, the choice that these local security guard service companies made to provide verifiable accountability to you puts them among the best security officer service agencies near you.    

Some detail about these considerations:

First off, as alluded to in the “Accountability” section above, the local security officer agencies listed in this directory cared enough to pay for state-of-the-art security officer management system software and apps, when they could have just stuck with ancient paper and pen, or some weak/cheap security guard app, or worst of all, “the trust method”. Many national and local security guard service companies are chuck-full of previous law enforcement and military, so there is more reason to trust than not. But security is about ACCOUNTABILITY, so that is exactly what the security guard businesses using the AccountAbility security guard management system and apps provide to you.

Affordability may also be a consideration for you in deciding on the best local security guard services company for your needs. While you definitely don’t want to base your decision of finding a quality local security guard company solely on who offers the cheapest security (or you will likely get what you pay for), cost-effectiveness in all things, including security services, is understandably a factor. The good news is that we work with these local security guard service companies to get them the best and latest security technology as affordably as possible. The best local security guard service businesses then make their own pricing as affordable as possible. And in today’s economy, that is a good thing. 

Capabilities should be a factor in choosing the best local security officer agency as well. If you need a security guard patrol, providing you with automatic daily reports of security tour Activity and Incidents, then all of these local security guard companies can provide. If it is, however, specialty security that you seek: Armed guards, Visitor Management, Parking control tours, Vehicle patrols, etc., then you will want to ask about these things to find the best local security guard services for your specific requirements. Security services offered will be at least partially listed when you search above, with more detail when a website link is provided. Whatever your security capabilities requirements are, we assist in making these local security guard service businesses the best fit for your needs by providing them with the best security officer technology and mobile apps.  

Security of Your Data is an often unconsidered, yet ultra-important factor in deciding on the best local security guard service company. Hopefully you have already decided that you want a security guard firm near you who uses technology in order to show that they are performing the job you hired them for. The best local guard companies–those in this directory–can provide real-time Incident Reporting and daily Activity Reports, all time-stamped and geofenced to your location. Then, with that accountability in place, it becomes a question of WHERE is that security technology made, supported from, and where is your security data stored? You will likely be surprised to learn that many security technology providers store your security data overseas, and provide little to no support! Obviously then, all the local security guard service companies using foreign security technology and apps could not be counted among the best. The AccountAbility security software and apps used by the security guard service companies in this directory is made in America, supported from America, and your security data is stored in the same ultra-secure, ultra-reliable platform servers used by DELL, Bayer, and Deloitte, as well as many other Fortune 100 Companies, medical facilities, universities, and government agencies…right here in America.

Much of the criteria to be included in this “best local security guard service” company directory is that every local security guard services agency is using the latest AccountAbility security workforce management system software and apps.  That, incidentally, is not simple features only, like Timekeeping, for clocking security officers in and out, but the security officer services company close to you must be using real-time reporting and security officer tracking as well.  Some will also be using other powerful features, including visitor management/physical access control and the “Community Watch App”—a neighborhood Watch System of sorts that provides an entire additional layer of security to any local community. We are particularly proud of the Community Watch App (live link), as no other security SaaS (Software as a Service) company seems to offer anything like it in nearly a decade since our lead consultant and CTO developed it. Even if a local security guard service company in this directory does not have the  “Community / Neighborhood Watch App” listed, they do have access to it, so ask them about it if your community could use this feature, along with anything else you need!

Choose from the best local security guard service companies near you by simply searching your zip code at the top of the page. Or call us if a business does not appears