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Geofencing Security Guard Posts and Sites

Geofencing guard posts and sites DEMO HERE or call guard management system geofencing experts at (800) 688-9633 to see simple geofencing in action.

Geofencing and Geo-blocking are both utilized in this security officer tour system. While similar, geofencing and geo-blocking both offer unique and important functionality that is missing from many guard management systems and security guard apps

GEO-FENCING creates invisible boundaries around your guard posts, or customers “SITES”.  The invisible “fence” in this guard tour system is based on a radius around a virtual checkpoint.  You can also use actual, scannable checkpoints, either QR Codes and NFC tags, but the initial geofence is set up based on where you drag-and-drop a GPS “pin” on a computer map.  Many customers have opted to drag a virtual pin to the center of the post or site, which presents a large enough radius to geofence most sites. If the customer that you are providing your security business services to has a very large site, like a city patrol, for example, virtual checkpoints can easily be added throughout the city at addresses to be patrolled. It is a surprisingly simple process to geofence your sites and we are here to help. 

Next, the signal collected from the mobile cellular device which is using the “AccountAbility Mobile” security guard app is considered in the equation. This is accomplished through the device’s GPS, or Global Positioning System, which pinpoints your security officer’s position through a network of satellites. What this means, in this guard management system, is that a security officer moving outside of the geofence boundary of the site can no longer submit DAR/ Daily Activity (form) Reports for that location. Geofencing is invaluable, but it is important to have the correct and exact address for any guard site using this feature. Alternatively (and uniquely), geofencing can be activated or deactivated for any system user you choose.   

GEO-BLOCKING is often grouped in with geofencing functionality, for the sake of simplicity, but it accomplishes something different and equally important. Geoblocking, or content blocking, is the function that only allows the user to access only what is necessary for best guard tour app functionality where they currently are. For this guard tour system, that means that your mobile security workforce will see only what is relevant for than site: Site-specific Activity forms, Incident reporting, Visitor management, Person/Vehicle reports, etc. And this software even allows you to create specific report TYPES for the aforementioned. For example, if the site is a hospital, it may require specific Incident Types, like “Patient out of room”, or “Patient fell”, etc. The incident types you create for that location will be the only ones that the geofenced and geoblocked user sees while there.       

Geofencing and geoblocking a customer site or guard post is simple and effective with this security officer tour system and guard tour app. Click to DEMO or call (800) 688-9633

geofencing-security-guard-postsSimplicity is the key development consideration at AccountAbility. Whether referring to Incident Reporting, scanning checkpoints, accessing post orders, checking visitors in and out, or any of the many capabilities of this security workforce management system, we adhere to the K.I.S.S. principle: Keep It Simple Soldier. Simplicity in geofencing your security customer sites is no exception.

Instead of geofencing an entire site, we geofence checkpoints. The advantage in this is that you can drop a single, virtual checkpoint “pin” in the middle of a small to medium site and effectively geofence the entire site. Then you can place as many scannable checkpoints throughout the site as well, or allow the security officer to perform activities and reports on site, without scanning checkpoints.

For larger sites, you/ we simply drop “checkpoints” throughout the property—whether virtual only, or physical too—and as long as a user of the “AccountAbility Mobile” app is within the radius of any checkpoint (and it doesn’t matter if those radiuses overlap) they can submit activities and reports for that site or post. “Dropping checkpoints” can be done by creating the checkpoint names for a single site address, then drag-and-dropping them to positions throughout the large property, or by using different addresses, for a vehicle patrol of a city, for example. Every checkpoint that you create, whether pins on a computer map or actual, physical NFC or QR to scan, will be geofenced and geo-blocked accordingly.

Another ease-of-use feature in this checkpoint/ site geofencing method, is the fact that it can be assigned per-user, regardless of security clearance. This is a convenient feature for management, in that reporting will be set to wherever you are located, but you can override the geofence with a “CHANGE SITE” button on the home screen of your mobile app download.  Otherwise, if you choose to geofence a security officer or site supervisor without the “CHANGE SITE” button, they will only see post orders and site-specific report types for that guard post.

So, the geofencing works great, but what about cost? Can a reliable security guard site geofencing system be affordable? The answer is, very much so. 

Tracking security officers is easy and reliable with this U.S.-based, geofencing and GPS tracking system for your guard posts and customer sites.  Give us a call and decide for yourself.

Call us today at (800) 688-9633 to discuss this security guard business customer site geofencing system, or click for a DEMO of the geofencing app and any other features you seek in an affordable guard management system.