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Security Guard Incident Reporting System & App

Call a security guard reporting system and mobile reporting app expert at (800) 688-9633 or get a security officer reporting Demo HERE.

Incident Reporting is one of the most important duties a security guard performs, and should be a basic part of any guard tour and patrol system. It is crucial that the reporting app and attached guard management reporting system are reliable and stable. A dependable security officer reporting system and app can also be simple to use and affordable. And any security guard incident reporting system used in the U.S. should be designed, built, and supported by American security industry experts. It’s simply a matter of security.  

AccountAbility is our name for a reason. Built on the same ultra-secure and stable platform at numerous government agencies, medical facilities, and universities, this security guard incident reporting system is one of the most dependable incident reporting systems in existence. Uptime is proven to be close to 99.99% and, at the time of this writing, we and our clients, and our client’s customers, have enjoyed a 100% successful delivery of Incident Reports! That is a truly reliable and stable security guard incident reporting system and mobile patrol incident reporting app.

Our lead consultant developed the initial version of this security guard incident reporting app well over a decade ago. At the time, he was a CFO for a large security officer firm and had been tasked with finding a new incident reporting system and guard tour app to replace the complicated incident reporting software that was being used at the time. He was not happy when he looked at the options. He found that many security officer incident reporting systems and incident reporting apps were developed by overseas software companies, with little to no experience in Security, much less U.S. security. And those reporting systems that weren’t developed overseas were either too complicated or too expensive. So, instead of forcing a square peg into a round hole, he built a simple incident reporting system to do the job. And so here we are, over a decade later, with many advancements based on our experience with you, but always keeping the philosophy of KEEP IT SIMPLE as a core principle in the development of this user-friendly incident reporting app and incident reporting system software as a whole.

This reliable security guard incident reporting system is also a mobile incident reporting app that is easy to use. Call us at (800) 688-9633 or schedule a DEMO.

security-guard-incident-report-appReceiving Incident Reports is just as easy for your security officer agency customers. You can grant DAR, or Daily Activity Report emails, real-time Incident Reports, access to your customers own database of reports, and/or all three Incident Reports alerting methods.        

And the security officer incident reporting system and mobile incident reporting app are affordable. We understand that security officer industry margins are slim, and we keep price in mind in everything we do, including the security guard company incident reporting system and app. The cost of the reporting software is based on your business model. If it is cheaper to bill by system user, or by site, or by “unlimited” for a certain territory, that is how we will make this security guard incident reporting system affordable for you.

Finally, do you know where your top-secret security data is tonight? Sorry, but a cute way to address a very serious subject. It is astounding how many of the “top” security officer company Incident Reporting system businesses are located overseas. Ally or not, it is doubtful that your customers would be comfortable knowing that their private information is collected on a foreign made incident reporting app and stored overseas! It is not a matter of nationalism, but only true security, to suggest that your guard’s incident reports should be collected on an American made mobile guard incident reporting app download and stored on ultra-secure American servers—data encrypted going in and data encrypted going out. That is true security, and that is what AccountAbility brings.

Being American made, this security officer incident reporting system is also supported from the U.S., 24/7/365. Give us a call and decide for yourself if this is the best security guard Incident Reporting system and app.

Call us about this affordable and U.S.-based security guard incident reporting system at (800) 688-9633 any time (we are here for you 24/7) or request a demo of the mobile incident reporting app HERE.