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Security Officer Lone-worker Protection & Safety

Your security workforce risks their lives protecting our assets and our people and deserve whatever help we can give in return: Click HERE or call (800) 688-9633.  

AccountAbility…  It is our accountability to one another that even makes a civilized society possible. Our accountability to your security workforce is no exception.

Security officers are our living shields, working to maintain a secure environment for our businesses, homes, schools, hospitals, government agencies, assets, and our PEOPLE. Keeping your/our security guards safe and prepared for possible danger is a must. With training, tools, and supervisory support, you can provide your security workforce with the know-how to protect themselves.  We at AccountAbility Global can help in several ways, including a mobile app PANIC button for lone-worker monitoring that, when activated, notifies everyone in your organization by email, and optionally by text.

The PANIC button AccountAbility Global provides to your mobile security workforce is simple and effective. When activated, the mobile patrol security officer is given a message and a countdown of 10 seconds to deactivate the PANIC function. If the guard accidentally tapped the PANIC button, they simply tap “Cancel” in that 10 second window and return to duty. If the alert is not cancelled, up to 15 email addresses, or optionally up to 20 phone numbers (SMS/TEXTS) will be alerted.  The “PANIC” alert will include the security officer’s name, phone number (if one has been entered in the ADMIN PORTAL for that guard), as well as a GPS PIN link, indicating where Google placed them at time of submission.

DEMO this lone-worker security guard “PANIC button” safety feature or call (800) 688-6439 or continue reading to see additional ways we can help.

      • mobile-security-guard-app-panic-buttonTraining:
        Comprehensive training to equip your security officers with the skills to perform their duties safely and effectively is number one. Conflict resolution, first aid, relevant laws and SOP, and emergency response procedures are some primary areas to target. Keeping SOP/ Post Orders updated can help, and we can put those SOP at your mobile security guard’s fingertips.
      • Risk Assessment and Mitigation:
        Identifying potential security vulnerabilities is crucial. Several security measures can be helpful in this regard, including surveillance cameras, access control systems, alarms, and even something as simple as proper lighting. We can help with much of this.
      • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
        Be sure your guards have the right personal protective equipment based on what it is, specifically, that they do; who needs armor and who needs a gun? Gear such as uniforms, protective armor, gloves, helmets, eye protection, high-visibility vests, safety shoes, as well as weapons might be considered. We can provide the REAL-TIME mobile security officer app that alerts you when they need you.
      • Real-time Reporting:
        Not only are alerts delivered through the AccountAbility Global security officer workforce system, but so are reports to you and your customers (if you give your customers real-time access to alerts or reports). Whether it is a PANIC alert, or a real-time Incident Report advising you of suspicious activities or safety concerns, we have your 6.
      • Communication:
        Your security officers knowing that they can speak to your security company Managers and Supervisors, and knowing that they are heard, goes a long way. It’s tough sometimes in the busy world of security service to remember that mutual support within the workplace is crucial for the mental and emotional well-being of your workforce, the physical safety of your people, as well the success of your business. If you foster a supportive workplace your staff is happy, end pride of purpose and increased efficiency is the result.
      • Continued Education:
        Whether referring to ongoing training or online courses, giving your security officers the chance to sharpen their skills and knowledge is important. This helps them perform their duties better, keeps them and your customers safer, and shows them that you are committed to their growth and possible advancement.
      • Support:
        When a security officer is exposed to potentially traumatic situations, which can come in the form of several small events as well, counseling is best. We can be tough and lock it all inside, but stress affects us all. Having supervisors periodically check in with security officers to address stressful situations helps.
      • Emergency Preparedness:
        Develop emergency response plans and conduct exercises to make sure that your security officers are ready to handle these situations effectively.


Security officers put their lives on the line every day and every night to protect our assets and our people. By implementing even some of the above procedures and protocols you encourage a positive company culture, which is rare in the security industry, and even more necessary. understanding the need for the safety and well-being of your workforce allows you to create an environment where guards can carry out their duties with confidence, and so be all the more efficient in those critical duties. This accountability does not only benefit the lives of your security guards and their families, but those of your customers, as well as helping secure the success of your security officer business.

The AccountAbility Global security workforce management system has been continuously developed for over a decade with security industry experts. The mobile app download PANIC button for your lone workers (and/or everyone) is one very important function of hundreds of important functions in the system. This software also provides security officer monitoring, mobile and desktop reporting, optional community/neighborhood watch, visitor management, company vehicle reporting, and custom forms (to name a few), an ADMIN PORTAL from where management easily controls and monitors the system and security officer, mobile management and supervisory functions, and a lot more.

And yes, this lone-worker safety protection/ panic button security officer system and mobile tour app is affordable, just like the entire security workforce management system is affordable.

Call us at (800) 688-9633 to see if this affordable security guard management system & App is the best system to help keep your people safe and your business growing!