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Guard Tour Tracking System

Security guard tour tracking is easy and affordable with this guard tracking software. Call a security guard tour tracking system expert at (800) 688-9633 or click to DEMO

A dependable security guard tour tracking system is important for various reasons. However, the two primary reasons for utilizing a reliable security guard tour monitoring system are ensuring the SAFETY of security officers and retaining clients. This easy-to-use  and cost-effective security guard tour tracking system addresses these concerns and more.

The AccountAbility mobile tour tracking app includes an integrated “panic button” designed to safeguard lone workers. If a security officer, especially one on night shifts working alone, feels threatened during their tour, they can tap the Panic Button. This action initiates a 10-second countdown screen, giving the security officer the choice to let the countdown finish, immediately submit an alert by tapping a second “Submit” button, or “Cancel” the alert if tapped by mistake. Once the countdown ends, or the guard submits the alert the second time, real-time notifications are sent to designated security workforce management personnel, based on the data you input into your guard tour tracking system Admin Portal (Command Center).  This security officer’s data can include the guard’s name, email, and phone number. A GPS coordinates link indicating the guard’s location at the time of the submission is always included. Tapping that guard tour tracking link reveals a map with the GPS pin showing the officer’s location at the time of the panic submission. These capabilities not only save lives, but also promote a positive company culture by showing the security officers that they are not alone. Yes, security personnel are tough, and rarely allow fear to show, but everyone feels better if they are secure.

Client retention is reinforced through the assurance provided by this security guard tracking system software; your customers can SEE that your security officers are fulfilling their duties. It is an option to include geo-tags, or GPS maps, for your customers, so that they can look at any submission any time.  That said, that may be too much information, as many customers prefer to receive a security guard tour tracking DAR (Daily Activity Report) each morning, or each shift, that simply shows the various activities, and possibly Incident Reports, along with any related pictures submitted throughout the shift.  Either way, having the technology to present on-site checkpoints that were scanned, or activities submitted in a specific period cements the relationship.

And this security guard tour tracking system allows for YOU to create the “Activity TYPES”, “Incident TYPES”, “Visitor TYPES”, etc. You can have a standard/ default set that you create, used at all posts where they fit. Or you can create client-specific report types, for those customers who require them. For example, a hospital may want Incident Reports for “Patient Out of Room”, “Patient Fall”, etc.

A security guard tour tracking system that helps protect your security officers and keep customers is invaluable. But this guard tour tracking system is affordable, and customizable to customer needs. (800) 688-9633 or DEMOguard-tour-tracking-system-app

A reliable security guard tour tracking system is a must. The security industry, in fact, is likely the BEST example of procedures and security guard tour tracking technology that needs to be STABLE and RELIABLE. Despite the temptation of “free” guard tour patrol systems, reliability should never be compromised. While affordability is understandable, “free” security guard tour tracking systems come with hidden costs or quality compromises, like pop-ups ads, some of which have proven to be inappropriate (Seriously. Over a decade ago we used a “free” third-party scanner for the guard tour app while we were developing our own. We were horrified to start receiving calls from customers about “lingerie ads” popping up every few scans.  THAT was a rough week, and an important lesson).  AccountAbility offers a cost-effective guard tour tracking solution tailored to your company’s needs, with a personalized quote based on whatever factors give YOU the best price.

Back to the importance of having a DEPENDABLE security guard tour tracking system and security guard app. The stability and reliability of the AccountAbility tour tracking system are supported by its foundation on a super-secure, super-stable platform trusted by major corporations such as INTEL, Cisco, and Verizon, as well as hundreds of medical facilities, universities, and government agencies. With a track record of 100% successful customer report delivery, we likely provide the most stable and reliable security guard management system and guard patrol tracking systems and app downloads available.

A reliable security officer tour tracking system can be affordable. This guard tour tracking system is dependable and cost-effective. Call (800) 688-9633 or click to DEMO  

easy-guard-tour-tracking-systemYou see by now that this security guard tour system and tour tracking app are reliable, cost-effective, and help you keep customers while keeping your security offers safe. That’s a pretty good security workforce management system. So, what else might make this the best guard tour tracking system for your needs?

Maybe a guard tour tracking app that is easy for your mobile security workforce to use, as well as a guard tour system that is simple for management to control and monitor is the answer. Or maybe a “Support system that is second-to-none” (quote from several customer reviews) might make this the best security guard tour tracking system for you?  How about both.

This system was created in the U.S. and is also supported from America as well. 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, or guard tour tracking system experts are available to take your calls and quickly rely to support tickets/emails. With over 100,000 hours of combined security experience, and over 90% of it in this security guard management system, you will not speak with a more capable support team. In fact, at the time of this writing, the person with the least guard tour system experience on our team has three years, so she’s just a baby. HA!

“Easy to use”. If you read our HOME page intro, the KISS (Keep It Simple, Soldier) Principle is at the core of our development consideration. Fortunately for you, our Senior Consultant had decades of experience on the physical security side before developing the basis for this guard tour tracking system over a decade ago. Tasked with finding a security guard tour patrol system and tracking app that was affordable, dependable, robust, and easy to use, he became quickly frustrated with the search results.  Some systems took WEEKS to train the management and security officers, seemingly unaware of the turnover in the security guard business. As you grow (or if you are already a large security officer agency) finding talent and keeping them trained on your ways and security technology. Simple and intuitive functionality, brief and highly illustrated guard tour system User Manuals, short, concise training videos, and unlimited 24/7 Support from guard tour tracking system experts takes care of the security TECH side, at least! Which is HUGE.

Get the security guard tour tracking system 24/7, U.S.-based, expert support you need. Call (800) 688-9633 or DEMO this easy-to-use guard tour system today.