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      1. a place where weapons and military or police equipment are stored or made.
      2. an array of resources available for a certain purpose.

Example: “an arsenal of powerful, yet affordable, kick-butt security workforce management solutions and apps to fit your specific needs.”


Hover over the word “Arsenal” in the menu bar above for a dropdown, or click any of the Title links below for more details, or call (800) 688-9633, any time.

Security Guard App

The Security Officer App provided by AccountAbility Global is incredibly capable, dependable, user-friendly, and Affordable. The app includes all the standard industry features, as well as a PANIC button, but can be adjusted to your security company’s specific needs with MORE functions, or less.

Security Guard Management System

The Security guard workforce management system has been developed by security industry experts for easy deployment and end-user simplicity, but without sacrificing capabilities. Aside from lone-worker protection, geofencing, visitor management, multiple scanning options, and all the favorites, you will find that this security officer management software has some pretty powerful and unique capabilities too.

Security Officer Tour & Patrol GPS Tracking

Every scan and activity submitted by your field officers performing their tours and patrols drops a geo-tag, or GPS pin, on your ADMIN PORTAL real-time map, where you can zoom in to the particular checkpoint, or look at all sites at once. The geo-tag is also included under the “Details” of every submission as a satellite photo of the offers approximate location. Alerts can be set to indicate if an officer is outside the geo-fence when a submission is made.

Security Officer “Lone Worker Protection” & Safety

An additional safety feature for your mobile security officer workforce, the mobile app PANIC button is simple and effective. Once tapped a 10 second countdown begins on the officer’s screen, with the option to cancel or tap “Submit” if it is best not to wait the 10 seconds. An alert then goes out in real-time to email addresses you specify, or optionally to text/SMS phone numbers that you choose. The alert includes the approximate location of the officer, the officer’s name, and phone number (if a phone number was added to your ADMIN PORTAL for the officer). This page also includes a respectful acknowledgement of the stress that security professionals can go through, with helpful suggestions on how to help.

Neighborhood/ Community Security App

This very unique function offers a layer of security to your customers that 95%+ of your security officer company competitors can’t offer. Many years ago this started as a simple and efficient way for HOA residents or office managers, or anyone with the need, to alert onsite security of a security concern that they observe. While still amazing for that function alone, the community security app now offers MUCH more.

Visitor Access Management System & App

This is a simple access control system for visitor management, or to manage residents or workers coming and departing a gated community or business lobby, or even a single room. Depending on the scenario, simple mobile app forms or scanning of IDs or Badges provides the data that you and your customers require.

Custom Forms & Reports App

The custom forms and reports app capability is another unique offering from AccountAbility Global and is pretty amazing. Like any of the previous features, it may be easier to just click the title for all the details, or call us to discuss, but in a nutshell:  The app is so flexible that we can fill it with every feature available, or Incident Reports and SCAN only…whatever YOU need. And, while we already have a ton of flexibility in the many available report forms, we can build you all custom forms and fill it with only those. Truly amazing.

We are always learning how to make things better, so please rest assured that we won’t stop doing so. Including ways to help your security officer business grow.

Click for a Demonstration of any of the AccountAbility Global security workforce system and app features, or call us today at (800) 688-9633 to discuss how we might help!