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Neighborhood & Business Crime Watch System & App

(Community Crime Watch and Operations Software)

Neighborhood Watch app with Business Community security functions provides an additional layer of security. Click HERE for a demonstration or call (800) 688-9633.

Neighborhood and community watch apps are plentiful, and for good reason. We read about senseless property damage and violence on a daily basis, thrust at us by online news and advertising outlets competing for headlines.  While the world has become smaller, it sometimes seems that the dangers have become greater, and more prevalent. For this reason, many of us install neighbourhood and community watch cameras, hire security officer tour and  patrol services, and install doorbells with a camera and recording device. And, ideally, our community–whether it be a neighborhood or a business–has a community crime watch organized as well. 

As important as neighborhood watch systems are, reducing this application to that specific definition is not accurate. The “neighborhood watch app” offered through AccountAbility Global started as a simple mechanism to allow residents and factory maintenance crews and anyone who could use it to report perceived threats. The community watch app and system has evolved to include some incredibly valuable functions over the years, based on our conversations and experience with security business managers. The neighbourhood watch piece of our system not only adds a layer of security that most security guard companies can’t offer, but these additional and optional functions help security teams and property and facility managers streamline other useful community functions as well!

Additional security is accomplished because this is a neighborhood watch app that you can give to your customer to, in turn, give to anyone in their “community” that they choose! Think about that. If you are a security guard business, when you bid on a job for an HOA, or a strip mall, or a factory, or ANY organization that has a community within, you can offer the relevant features  of this community watch app to that customer! Or, if you found this page as a property manager, for example, looking for a way to let your wards communicate their concerns (and maybe boost the community’s desirability in the process), then this community watch system is perfect for you too!

Even if the police or sheriff station is close, or your security officer services and/or a gated neighborhood system is employed, this community watch app will help extinguish criminal activity by putting the power to help in dozens, to thousands, of community member hands.  And to top it off, this neighbourhood/ community watch system is incredibly inexpensive.

Call a digital neighborhood watch app expert at (800) 688-9633 or schedule a DEMO to see if this simple, affordable electronic community watch system is best for you.

Note that keeping “watch” on your community and being a vigilante—or someone who takes the punishment for a possible crime into their own hands—are two very different things. If you are not a trained security professional or law enforcement officer, NEVER engage a possible law breaker. The very useful purpose of this neighborhood watch app and system is to allow users to alert security and property management of their concerns. Leave the resulting actions with the trained security professionals.

Here are the current optional neighborhood watch app and community operations system functions (there are other great functions in development):neighborhood-watch-community-operations-app


This is where it all began. The security concern function simply allows the members of your community to convey a personal security concern easily and efficiently, or a security concern for the community. A simple mobile app or desktop form requires the user to say where the security concern is taking place, then allows for a brief explanation and a picture. So, if someone is walking through the parking lot, trying multiple door handles, a resident can capture that intrusion and tap a submission button to send it to whoever you choose in real-time!    


Obviously useful for an HOA, apartment complex, condominium, or any gated/secured community, it can also be a good fit for secure corporations or government agencies. This function allows users to advise what visitor they are expecting and when. That data then goes to whoever is specified, be it the guard gate or the property manager or both, in real-time.  


A great way to make your community members feel more secure is to allow them to notify you—whether “you” are a security officer agency using this as part of the entire guard management system, or a property or facility manager—when they are leaving on vacation, what cars will be in the driveway while away, and any details that will help keep an extra eye on their property or office, etc., until they return.


Another visitor function of the community watch app, this optional feature allows a resident to request that their visitor be allowed to park on property, supplying the information explaining where, for how long, the type of vehicle and plate number; allowing you and/or the property manager to keep track of the comings and goings.


Also, and very importantly to those communities that it fits, an optional PANIC button can be added for a nominal fee.  The PANIC button, when tapped, begins a 10 second countdown, during which time the resident, or store manager, etc., can deactivate the countdown. If deactivation is not selected, an alert will be sent to email addresses of your choosing and/or text/SMS, including the Google map location from where the alert occurred. As truly awesome as this feature is, we recommend prudence in your decision whether to include this function or not, as some may choose to abuse the privilege. 

All the above features can be limited to those functions needed by your community or business. The AccountAbility Global Tech and Support teams are second-to-none and will fit this neighborhood watch system to your needs in remarkably short order.  

Get a Demonstration of this community/ facility watch system or call a neighborhood watch app expert today.

Fun facts about the evolution of this neighborhood/ facility/ community watch app and system; about five years ago (from the time of this writing) I was sitting in the front seat of my car charging my phone because the car battery was the only place with power the third day after the hurricane hit. I took a Support call from a new start-up security guard company customer. He simply asked if I knew anything about any electronic neighbourhood “communication” systems that I could recommend for a customer of his that had asked.

Now, I’m not one of the technical staff here. I’m too old to get it! But it hit me that what we were talking about was more or less the ability for ANYONE with access to the app to be able to submit a report…so pretty much what we already did, but on a wider scale. I told the customer I would call him back shortly, called my friend (and the lead consultant for AccountAbility Global) and explained. He had the community crime watch app and system built before the power came back on in my home office!

Since then, our CTO/ CIO has tailored that simple neighborhood watch/alert system to fit the needs of our customers through the years. Currently a powerhouse of community crime watch and operations functions, we are excited by the continued evolution of this neighbourhood watch system, which will continue to add wonderful options to help you manage a safe and efficient community.

Call (800) 688-9633 now or click HERE for a demonstration of this powerful and ever evolving neighborhood crime watch system and app.

community-neighborhood-crime-watch-appThere are options, but they are not cost-effective. When it comes to community safety, cost should never be the primary driver. The issue, however, is that companies who build themselves around a crime watch system only need to make money. So, while installing a “ring doorbell” for everyone—which, I have and enjoy—might cost a community tens-of-thousands of dollars, and a PSIM (physical security information management) system might run into the millions, we are talking about a few hundred dollars a month, or even less if you are employing the entire security officer management system with the neighborhood watch app. The best neighborhood crime watch system is arguably the one that is affordable and efficient.  AccountAbility Global has you covered on both fronts.

Simplicity is another very important factor that may make this the best neighborhood watch app and system for your purposes. If you are the one controlling and monitoring the system, then the set-up, deployment, and use of the system are easy. If you are a user of the community crime watch app, then it is simply a matter of tapping the relevant community watch app button, whether from a phone or a PC, filling in a couple simple fields, attaching or taking a pic if appropriate, and tapping submit. Many years and over 100,000 hours of service and support to the security officer industry has made us aware of your needs. If a user of the crime watch app is concerned about an incident, the last thing they need is complications. Simplicity for the users is key in everything we do.

Neighborhood Watch systems are one of the most effective crime deterrent options that exist, according to the National Crime Prevention Council.  But it bears repeating, the web is full of stories of heroes who saved the day by reporting a suspicious situation, but it is nearly as full of tragic stories of would-be heroes who decided it was best to handle it on their own.  Do NOT be in the latter group. I, personally, needed to pick my daughter up from a gated community but the gate code she gave me didn’t work.  I consequently followed a woman through after she entered her code and pulled up to the residence to await my daughter’s arrival. Being in security, I saw the woman exit her vehicle, approach mine, and rapidly knock upon my window. I respectfully took her barrage of angry rhetoric at my poor decision and then explained the scenario as my daughter approached. She gave me a final lecture before departing and, while she was in the right to be concerned, taking a pic of my license plate and submitting it through the AccountAbility Global neighborhood watch app download would have been MUCH safer, if I had not been simply a dad picking up their child. Leave law enforcement to the police.  

Finally, mentioned briefly towards the beginning, what is the positive sales and marketing angle on a community crime watch function like this? Well, if you are a security guard company, you are one of the few companies in the world (in the hundreds worldwide anyway) who can offer your customers a neighborhood watch system as part of your security services. If you combine that with the fact that we provide you with branded marketing material, this is a 100% grand-slam. And if you are an HOA, facility or community of any sort, having a community crime watch system, including all the additional operations functions designed to streamline and simplify community communications, while giving your community members a feeling of security, is a grand slam as well. It is good and it is not commonly available.  And that makes it even better.

Schedule a DEMO of this efficient, affordable, and multi-faceted neighbourhood watch app or call a community crime watch software expert at (800) 688-9633