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Reliable Guard Tour Management System & App

Reliable guard tour management systems and dependable security guard tour apps exist. Read on or call (800) 688- 9633 to see if we can provide a reliable security officer management system and App for you.

A reliable security guard tour management system and guard tour app should not be too much to ask for. In fact, it should be expected that any software that refers to itself as a guard tour management system or guard tour app would be reliable. After all, we are talking about SECURITY here. There are very few, if ANY apps that should be more reliable than a security guard app and the related security officer tour system software.

So, why have you had bad experiences with other guard tour management app and software providers, and what makes AccountAbility a, “reliable guard tour system”?

First off, if you had a bad experience with other security guard tour app company’s reliability, then you may have been with companies that most of us left to form AccountAbility. We had the same experience, but from the inside, and found it…unacceptable. From our extensive security officer industry experience (over 100,000 hours between key personnel here), we have narrowed it down to a couple reasons why those security software companies let you down:

      1. Greed – Those security workforce management companies were/are basing their “guard tour app” priorities on company profit, instead of on whether it is the best thing to help their customers. Worrying about a truly dependable security officer management system or security guard tour mobile  app takes a back seat for leadership that is always “racing for the finish line” of higher profitability, because that finish line is never reached for a greedy person. So, the customer’s needs are always in the backseat, including app reliability and stability. This scenario is TOO common, not only in the security guard tour management system business, but in business in general.
      2. Lack of understanding – Many of the guard tour management system, guard tour tracking app, and security officer Incident, DAR, Visitor, etc., reporting system providers are software companies who decided to enter the security guard app space to make a buck. The problem is that they had no experience in the security officer industry, so would have great difficulty creating a reliable guard tour management system or app. That security guard app reliability is further taxed when you add the fact that many of those same are not U.S.-based security workforce management software companies, which opens another whole set of issues if you are an American security officer company, including but not limited to; how dependable and how stable is their storage of your customer’s security data overseas, and how reliable is a guard tour app that was developed by someone with no experience in American security?
      3. Support – In our experience (and yours, one night guess), even the large U.S. players in the security guard tour management system industry have unreliable Support. And if Support is not reliable, then the company is not reliable. Simple.


DEMO this reliable guard tour management system or call (800) 688-9633 to decide if this dependable security guard tour app is best for you.


So, what makes the AccountAbility security guard software a reliable guard tour app and a dependable guard tour system?  Short answer: All of the above, and the right technology.

We built this dependable guard management system on the same platform used by health care giants, Yale and Harvard, DELL and INTEL, and many government agencies and Fortune 500 companies around the world (with the ultra-secure servers here in the U.S.). So yes, with a 99.9%+ uptime and security standards trusted by the most recognizable names in business and government, your guard tour system and guard tour app will be technologically reliable and stable.  

And “all of the above”?

      1. The AccountAbility team is comprised of security industry experts who have experienced greedy leadership and seen the damage they can do. That damage is extreme. We want no part of it. Our team is the folks that were in the trenches, managing physical security companies, and/or supporting your folks in the field 24/7. If a security officer had a question at 3am about resting their password, we were there. Of course we want to be profitable, but it will NEVER be at the expense of providing our customers with the most stable and reliable security officer tour management systems and guard app!
      2. We understand how important a stable and dependable security guard tour app and security system software are. Our team has spent decades speaking with security industry management and the soldiers in the field. It is from YOU that we learned what is actually required in a reliable and incredibly robust security guard management system. We listened. We understood. And we have provided that stable security operations management system. And it is only getting stronger from here.
      3. SUPPORT (that deserves to be in all caps) – Any of you who have worked with us before know how seriously we take supporting you and your people. It blows our minds more than a little how many of our previous employers believed that supporting you and your officers and your customer reporting is a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday gig! No. Security does not sleep so neither do we (at the same time, at least). And again, the Support is al provided from the U.S., 24/7, from security industry software experts.


Reliable security guard tour system software and a stable security officer tour app are a call away. Call (800) 688-9633, click HERE, or read on to decide for yourself.

dependable-security-guard-tour-appAfter all the talk of how stable, reliable, and dependable this security officer tour and patrol management system is, you may be asking yourself how affordable it is. The answer is that this guard tour app and system software are very affordable. We do this by tailoring the pricing to your specific business model, so that you can grow with us and vice versa! It would be an outright shame if you couldn’t have a reliable security guard management system and security guard rounds tracker because it wasn’t affordable, so we have done everything we can to make this one of the most cost-effective tools that you will use for your security guard company.

So, does all this make the AccountAbility security operations management system, “The BEST Guard Tour System & App in the known UNIVERSE!” Well…that is for you to decide, of course. Arguably, the best guard tour system or guard tour monitoring app would be dependable, built and controlled from here in the USA, have excellent Support and be affordable, but we will take it one step further: No contract beyond a 30-day notice of cancellation.

What this means is simple. We are going to charge you a very fair and affordable monthly SaaS (Software as a Service) fee for the guard management system and app. So fair and affordable, in fact, that we—AccountAbility Global—will not begin to profit for at least five months into our relationship. If this is not a reliable guard tour management system and guard tour app download, then you will leave us after the first month; the period during which we do the most work to get the system going for you, and so the most costly period for us. Would we offer such an arrangement if we are not confident that this guard tour system is reliable and stable?

Call our security guard tour system and tour app experts at (800) 688-9633 or click HERE to see if this is the best guard tour app and security officer tour management system for you.