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Security Guard App

Security guard app DEMO here or call a security officer application expert at (800) 688-9633 to see if this is the best guard app for you.

Security guard app options abound. When the first version of this app became available a decade ago, there were just a handful of security guard apps starting to make use of new technology and bridge the gap from the outdated key and wand systems. Now, it seems there are hundreds of guard app options. Some are not affordable, some security officer apps are overcomplicated, some don’t have the features you need, some come with no Support, and some security officer apps just aren’t reliable. All these shortcomings can be troublesome, but if your security officers are working night shift with an unreliable app, that’s just dangerous.  So how do you know which security officer application to choose?

There is no question that a great security guard app is necessary to compete in today’s growing security industry.  Today’s security officer business customers are looking for automated daily reports, real-time incident alerts, and general transparency and accountability.  You need an affordable, reliable security officer tour app and management system, that does what you and your customers need, and is easy to use for management, and for your mobile security officers, while keeping them as safe as possible. 

The AccountAbility Global security guard app is reliable, affordable, customizable to your specific needs, and includes an optional lone-worker protection “PANIC” button to protect your mobile security workforce, and GEOFENCING is set per-checkpoint, and can be adjusted per-user, regardless of security permission level. This system has been designed by security industry experts to be as simple to use as possible.  To top it off, the core staff of AccountAbility Global has served the security officer industry for over 100,000 hours, either in the guard management capacity, security guard business software solutions, or both. You may find that these features alone make this the best security officer app for your business, but you can decide for yourself when you call.

Call a security officer app professional today at (800) 688-9633 or click HERE for a demonstration of this affordable security officer application and management system.

security-guard-app-supportAccountAbility Global goes above and beyond to help you compete in today’s marketplace.  For one thing, the submissions from the guard app feed in real-time into your Admin Portal, as well as a real-time database that we include for your customer if you wish, both branded to your company. So, on top of any daily or real-time reports your customers receive with your logo and name, the portals have no mention of AccountAbility Global either.

We even go the additional step of creating a marketing flyer and bid piece for your security officer app and branded guard management system. As far as your customers are concerned, this is your proprietary technology and, in order to get the great benefits that it offers—and there are some pretty special and unique ones—they need to hire you.    

And speaking of going extra steps, our security officer app Support team goes the extra million miles.  Seriously.  24/7, day and night, weekend and holiday, our people are there for you.  And with our combined security guard app experience spanning generations, we all understand how important supporting you and your staff is.  Our Support staff is all located in the U.S. and, aside from our younger members—who we have still worked with for years—our leadership came from those big security officer app companies who think that Support should be available Monday through Friday, up until 5PM.  And that is why they left those companies and cultivated the exact opposite understanding among our guard application and management system support staff.  We are here for you when you need us.

Call our friendly security guard app experts for Support that is second-to-none and a guard application system that is branded to YOUR security guard company.

Of course, providing a security guard app that is reliable and easy to use helps keep the Support calls down too.  Most of the support we provide is getting the system deployed with you, which is simple too, but new to you.  That and the occasional call from the night shift guard who didn’t see the link to reset their security officer app password that they forgot. HA! But our Support is empathetic and kind in that 3am scenario as well!

So, back to a reliable and easy-to-use security guard app.

The AccountAbility Global guard app is built on the same ultra-secure platform—your data encrypted coming and going—as many of the world’s leading universities, government, and health agencies, and some of the most successful businesses in existence. Trusted by the likes of INTEL and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital,  we, and hopefully you, are in good company. With 99.9% uptime, you will be very happy with the reliability of this security guard application.

Simplicity became the basis of all guard app development years ago, based on our Support team regularly relaying to our technical team what you need. Not only does the guard tour and patrol app and the security officer management system have simple links to open highly illustrated User Manuals, but the intuitive design of the security officer app uses words, instead of icons, so there can be no confusion about what button does what. And despite the simple design, this security guard app still accomplishes the amazing things that you need it to!      

Click HERE for a demonstration of this reliable and easy-to-use security guard application or call us at (800) 688-9633 to discuss.

security-guard-app-downloadHere are just some of the functions of this somehow still affordable security guard app:


AccountAbility Global provides a guard app that is both affordable and incredibly cost-effective.  Affordable because we base pricing on your security officer business model to grow with you.  And cost-effective because, whether you are a newer business and this is your first security officer app, or you are established and just looking for the best guard application to fit your growing business, smoothing operations with this reliable, simple security guard app and management system will be one of the best investments you will make in your security company success. 

Call us today to decide if this affordable and dynamic security officer app is the best guard app for your security business.

The original iteration of this security guard monitoring app was designed by a man (our Chief Consultant) who spent decades in the physical security officer business operations side of the industry. Well over 10 years ago he started working on a solution to the problems he experienced with the guard apps of the time: Getting calls from field officers on a regular basis because their current security officer app wasn’t working, or more often, they were just confused by its complexity. About 10 years ago he released that app and we have been adding to it ever since, while NOT sacrificing the simplicity for your mobile security officer app users.  The advances have been based on our discussions and experience with our customers, as are the future improvements already in development.

Our core technical staff were each required to spend at least two years in direct Support to the security officer industry so they also have a very clear picture of how a security guard app download should work.  That is unique, and good for you.

Hopefully you’ve already picked up the phone or scheduled a demo, but if you have been so enthralled with my security officer app page that you couldn’t stop reading, thank you.  If you are still reading, let me just leave you with this:

“Cheap Security Guard App” and “Free Security Guard App” are some of the more popular searches on the web.  Please don’t fall for it.  We are well aware that security business margins are thin, but you will not find a decent “Free Security Officer App” any more than I could find a quality “Free” Security Guard Service.  We will make this work with your budget, and you will be glad we did.  Give us a call and decide for yourself.

Schedule a DEMONSTRATION of this powerful and affordable security officer app or just give us a call: (800) 688-9633