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DAR – Daily Activity Reports for Security Guard Companies

Schedule a DAR/ Daily Activity Report DEMO for your security officer business or call our Daily Activity Report experts at (800) 688-9633 to see if this is the best DAR system for your security officer firm.

DAR, or Daily Activity Reports, are a critical part of the security officer industry reporting process. Guard business customers have been counting on receiving their DAR from back when a security officer would hand write their daily activity report and paperclip some polaroids to it. The DAR, very simply, lets your customers know that they are secure in their knowledge that your security officers are performing their checkpoint rounds and doing their reports accordingly.

So, while the time of the “honor system”, the classic hand-written DAR, key systems, and other outdated means of reporting and tracking a security officer’s rounds are gone, your customer’s expectations regarding receiving their Daily Activity Reports, Incident Reports, Visitor Reports, Custom Reports, etc., are here to stay (and…a little more demanding, in fact). 

The DAR/ Daily Activity Reporting system available to security officer businesses through AccountAbility is simple, affordable, dependable, U.S.-based designed and supported, and might just prove to be the best DAR system for your security guard company. We’ll go into the why herein, but you can always just give us a call to ask us what you want to know.

Simple, reliable, inexpensive, American made and supported DAR/ Daily Activity Reporting is provided in system software and mobile app form here. Schedule a DEMO or call us at (800) 688-9633

This security guard company DAR system software, and the associated daily activity reporting mobile app, make providing your customers with reports easy. It’s automatic.  The security officer—or manager or site supervisor—simply scans checkpoint (either NFC, QR Code, or Virtual), or fills in a geofenced “Activity Form”, and taps submit.  Whatever pictures and data they collected is now time-stamped and geotagged as a line-item in the DAR, going to you and your customer. And, since every time-stamped submission of a scan or activity allows for two pictures, the security customer site DAR could easily have 60 to 100 photos on a shift, making for a very thorough and nice-looking Daily Activity Report. dar-daily-activity-customer-reports 

When a security officer performs their guard tour or patrol rounds, every scan and activity submission is time-stamped, geotagged, and tracked.  This is accomplished via mobile app/phone GPS and geofencing (if you choose).  Delivery of the DAR, including the time-stamps and geotags, is up to you, and up to the expectations of how your customer wants to receive their daily reports. Here are the options.  You can use one, any, or ALL:

      • DAR / Daily Activity Reports – delivered via email each morning and including the previous days security scans and activity submissions, right up to the time of delivery.
      • Daily Incident Reports – Checking this box includes a link to the Incident Reports of the previous day.
      • Officer Shift Reports – A shift report includes the same data as a Daily Activity Report, but unlike a DAR, it includes only a single security officer’s activity and scans, from the time they Clock In until the Time they Clock Out. If you do not wish to use Clock In and Out, Begin Shift and End Shift will work to generate the shift as well.
      • Reports Portal – A Reports Portal is your customer’s own private database of reports, approved by you. This database includes ultra-simple filters and a one-page USER MANUAL, so your customer can pull any DAR or Incident Report or Visitor Report (if you do visitor management) any time they want. This works out nicely for you because, if your customer wants the DAR for a whole month, they can easily pull it and save it, without troubling you!

Making the security DAR collection and delivery SIMPLE is at the core of our entire development approach: Keep It Simple Soldier.

DEMO this simple DAR system and App HERE or call our Daily Activity Report experts at (800) 688-9633 to decide if this is the easiest security officer daily reporting system and app for YOU.

As simple and dependable as a Daily Activity Reporting system and app are, the mobile DAR app and system must be affordable too.

dar-daily-activity-reporting-appOne of the advantages we have is brilliant developers, who have ALSO spent many years working in the security officer industry; both in physical security management and in security guard app support. What this means is that we understand the generally tight margins of security jobs. Your customers want polished and reliable DAR delivered, but they want to pay as little as possible. We get it, and we’ve got your six.

By understanding the slim profit margins in the security officer business, and understanding security software and tour app development, our team has been able to build an extremely simple but dynamic security officer DAR system and guard tour tracking app less expensively than our competition. And we can then pass that savings to you! We truly want to grow with you, so we make the DAR system and every aspect of this security workforce management system as affordable as can be.

This dependable Daily Activity Reporting system is built on the same very stable and secure platform as many of the world’s top companies, universities, healthcare facilities, and government agencies. This system is very reliable, but even we were pleasantly surprised to have 100% successful DAR delivery in 2023, and so far, at the time of this writing. You can’t get a more reliable daily activity reporting system and app than that!

American security DAR development for primarily American security officer firms is very important too. It is surprising how many of the larger security app and management systems are based in France, or India, or Greece, etc. When you think about it, having your customer’s information and your security guard company’s private data collected and stored overseas—allies or not—it is just not ideal.    When you combine the fact that this DAR App download has been designed and developed by American security industry experts, with the fact that our Daily Activity Reporting system Support is provided by those same U.S.-based experts…this is simply the best security business DAR system software and user-friendly Daily Activity Reporting app to go with.

If you want security officer business DAR system software and a Daily Activity Reporting app that is easy to use, inexpensive, dependable, and made and supported from the USA, call (800) 688-9633.