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Security Guard Company Reporting System & App

Security guard company reporting system and app that is affordable while providing the security reporting functions you need. Call (800) 688-9633 or click HERE.

The best security guard company reporting system and mobile app should be user-friendly, affordable, reliable, efficient, and supported 24/7. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is, if the guard reporting software and mobile app are developed by proven experts in the American security industry. And that is where it gets confusing.

When our chief security consultant entered the security workforce management industry over a decade ago—already having spent a couple decades in the physical security management end of things—there were only a handful of “real-time” security officer reporting system options. Real-time security guard reporting apps were just starting to be developed in order to replace the old key and wand systems, and paper, pen and polaroid, of course. Now, dozens of software companies, with little knowledge of security, as well as overseas options with even less American security knowledge (and storing your data there?) are clogging up the internet with confusing, and sometimes downright dangerous, security guard reporting options.

Regarding the “dangerous” reference, many security officer reporting apps—even popular ones developed state-side—only allow you to take an Incident Report photo from the Incident report form screen. NOT good if a car is speeding away or if a perpetrator is running towards the security officer, who is fumbling to open the right report form! This mobile guard reporting software allows the officer to use their regular camera and attach the Incident Report pics after the fact.

And there are also some pretty major security guard reporting system “providers” out there, even state-side, who don’t provide a PANIC button to protect your mobile security workforce.  

The security officer company software reporting experts at AccountAbility Global have got your six.

The core personnel of Accountability Global alone have over 100,000 hours of experience in security and software, and that is without including the 3 DECADES of security service by our chief consultant. We have been there for customers and officers 24/7, weekend and holiday, for decades. You can rest assured that the Support team, as well as the ownership and Tech managers, understand that security officer companies need to receive mobile officer reports from the field, as well as send those reports to your customers, whether you choose to do that in real-time, in a scheduled daily activity report (DAR) email, or both.  

DEMO a security guard company reporting system and app developed by security industry solution experts or call us at (800) 688-9633.

security-guard-company-reporting-supportAn efficient security guard company reporting system is important for several reasons:

      1. Accountability (there’s that word). Accountability among your security guard business personnel, your company’s accountability to your customer, our accountability to you…just, AccountAbility. Supervisors and management can review reports in real-time, or whenever they choose to, thereby assessing security guard performance. This capability allows your security company’s management to identify areas that need improvement and to take appropriate action. And when a security officer is aware that their patrol and mobile reporting are being monitored, it ensures that the guards are diligent in their responsibilities. Geofencing further insures that your mobile security workforce stays on site to submit activity and other reports.
      2. Documenting Incidents in a systematic manner from the mobile reporting patrol app (or desktop, if that is your method in some more dispatch or guardhouse type scenarios) is critical. This security guard reporting system allows for the inclusion of details such as the time, location, nature of the incident, parties involved, any actions taken, photos, and MUCH more. Having this data is crucial, whether for immediate or future reference, or for legal purposes.
      3. In many cases, maintaining security reporting records is a legal requirement. And it is part of why your customers are hiring you, in fact. The AccountAbility Global security guard company reporting software helps by providing accurate and detailed incident reports, DAR (daily activity reports), visitor management reports and other options that may be useful to your security officer agency. All records are stored securely for years, accessible by you and your customers (if you grant them that security clearance). It has happened more than a few times that we received a call asking to assist locate an Incident Report for legal proceedings or investigations, and that doesn’t include the customers who probably pulled what they needed without calling.
      4. This security officer business reporting app and system help identify patterns, finding vulnerabilities that may exist. This may be in the form of a peak time that particular incidents occur, or simply what the most common offenses are in a particular community or facility. This security data can then be used to formulate strategies to help prevent future incidents by making informed decisions regarding strategies, streamlining of operations, and better resource
      5. forms and reports available through AccountAbility Global allow for most any report that you or your customers demand. Whether you need a specific form and report available enterprise wide, or if your hospital customer, or parking garage customer need a special report for their purposes, simply send us the PDF or handwritten report and our techs will figure out what is involved and we’ll get you a quote! After the nominal fee for development, it may be a few dollars more per month to maintain, but not much, and a whole lot less than the account(s) should make you!
      6. And probably most important to the success and growth of your security officer business, your customers expect detailed and timely reports and alerts. The AccountAbility Global security guard company reporting system gives you several easy options on this front, from real-time Incident and Shift reports, to daily report emails, to granting your customers access to their own database of reports, which we refer to as the REPORTS PORTAL. This last option allows them to pull exactly the security reports they want with a couple clicks, and spares you phone calls asking you to do it.

While the security officer agency reporting system and mobile app reporting app benefits are not limited to these six points, they are some of the more common concerns surrounding the aspects that might compose the best security guard reporting system for most companies. In a nutshell, a great security guard company reporting system and security guard rounds tracker should enhance security operations, ensure accountability, help you address security issues, reduce risks, monitor tours, and maintain a safe and secure environment for your security officers, your customers, and their assets.

Click for a DEMO of this security guard business reporting system and app that checks all the boxes or call (800) 688-9633.

Designed to use a very low amount of data, the AccountAbility Global reporting app is very cost-effective, saving your security officers and/or your security guard company on batteries and phone life. Where allowed by law, your mobile security officers can even use the mobile reporting app on their own devices without costing them more in data or battery life than a TEXT! The exception to this, of course, is if several pictures or a video are attached to the report, but even then, we compress the files, so data usage is minimal.

security-guard-company-customer-reportingAnd when that report form submission is made from the field by your mobile security officer—be it a scan, a Daily Activity, an Incident Report, Visitor access, etc.—it is sent to your ADMIN PORTAL in real-time. There, depending on your settings, the data can automatically be compiled into a DAR (daily activity report) to be emailed to your customers every morning, or a SHIFT report, sent in real-time and including everything between the beginning and end of a guard’s shift, and/or sent to your customers own “REPORTS PORTAL”.

Unlike your ADMIN PORTAL, where you and any management to whom you grant level 1 or 2 security clearance can correct/edit reports, the REPORTS PORTAL is a customer facing database that is view/save/print only. You, as the administrator of the system, choose which reports go into the REPORTS PORTAL, and can even require your management to approve some or all of the reports before they populate. You can also decide if geo-tags, showing where the officer was when they made the submission, are attached, or if you would rather only supply that data if requested.

With a couple clicks your customers can pull a week’s worth of daily activity and scans, or an Incident Report from last year that they need for legal purposes. It is all super simple, but like everything that AccountAbility develops, includes a (one-page) USER MANUAL, built right in!  The point: Your customers have access to exactly the security reports they need without calling you every time they need them.

Call us today at (800) 688-9633 to decide if this is the right affordable security guard company reporting system software and app download for you.