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Security Officer Tour & Patrol GPS Tracking

Schedule a security guard tour GPS tracking DEMO HERE or call (800) 688-9633 to speak with a security officer patrol monitoring system expert.

Security guard tour and patrol GPS tracking is crucial for your business, for your security officer’s safety, and for your customers’ confidence in you through the increased transparency and accountability that Patrol and Tour GPS tracking provides. GPS tracking of guard patrols and tours provides situational awareness that can also help in dispatch scenarios, so you know which mobile security officer is closest to dispatch to a specific location. Putting proper security measures in place is essential to ensure the security of your customer’s assets, but so is being able to protect your guards and provide proof to your security business customers that you are there. AccountAbility Global can provide you with a security guard tour and patrol GPS tracking system and app that allows you, your officers, and your customers to rest easy and do what you do best.

Monitoring your security officers by GPS allows you to track their tours and patrols in real-time. By using this guard tracking system, you can manage and assign security personnel based on location, potential Incidents, or simply on the guard’s geographical area. Optimizing your security workforce management resources in this way keeps your company’s operations smoother, safer, and your customers satisfied that you are taking care of their people and assets. The real-time visibility provided by patrol and tour GPS tracking encourages your guards to stick to protocols, perform their duties to the best of their abilities, and maintain their professionalism. Geofencing adds further insurance to this end. And the AccountAbility Global tour and patrol tracking system includes an optional PANIC button to keep field personnel as safe as possible. Tapping the button starts a brief timer which, if not deactivated by the SO, sends an alert to the emails and/or phone numbers you choose.

The AccountAbility Global tour and patrol GPS monitoring software provides you with a real-time “dashboard” showing the last few hundred GPS tracked submissions, but can also provide real-time alerts via email, and optionally by text.  The text option is optional because making this security guard patrol and tour monitoring system inexpensive is very important to us. If you have email alerts set up on your phone, perfect, already included.  If you need text alerts, we will basically pass along our nominal cost.  We will keep guard tracking affordable for your security officer agency no matter what.

Call (800) 688-9633 to speak with a GPS tour tracking expert or click HERE for a demonstration of this affordable patrol GPS monitoring system and app.

guard-tour-patrol-gpsToday’s discerning security officer business customers expect real-time data. GPS location of your security officers is no exception. Your customers want to know that their people and assets are secure now. The AccountAbility Global tour and patrol GPS tracking software and mobile security guard app will do that and much more.  GPS patrol and tour tracking is part of the entire security officer workforce management system provided by AccountAbility Global. Besides being robust and affordable, the security workforce system offers much more, as you can explore by clicking HERE.

This security guard GPS tracking app and management system was developed by security industry experts with decades of experience in the security officer business space. Tired of all the NOT-real-time options and complicated guard tracking “solutions” from software companies with little to no experience in American security, our Chief Consultant developed the basis for our current system and app over a decade ago, after spending twice that time in the physical security and physical security management side of things. The advances made in the years since are based on our interaction with you; physical security industry officers, managers, and those in the trenches every day.

Our Chief Consultant taught us in “The Way” many years ago. Now, the student has become the master (which our Chief Consultant would readily admit, though he is still invaluable). Our CEO, CTO, IT Director, and Support Manager alone have spent no less than 50,000 HOURS in the trenches with you, 24/7.  From taking 3AM calls (all handled from right here in the USA) to get a security officer logged in to the security guard app, to texting through Thanksgiving dinner to direct a new customer how to add a SITE to the security workforce management system “Admin Portal”, we have been there for you and look forward to being there for many years to come. So, the Support of your mobile security officer tour and patrol GPS tracking system, as well as the expertise of that support, will be second-to-none, as many of you already know.

Get a Demonstration of this expertly supported patrol GPS tracking system or call a seasoned security software expert at (800) 688-9633 to see if this is the best GPS tour tracking app for you.

When your mobile security officer submits an NFC or QR scan or an “Activity” (regular daily patrol and tour duties like “Foot Patrol”, “Lock Check”, whatever you choose those activities be), a GPS geo-tag is attached to that submission, dropping a GPS tracking pin on the map of your ADMIN PORTAL to show you where that officer is. The “Details” section of the Daily Activity Reports (DAR) that are automatically generated for you also displays a closeup of a GPS map point view of that scan or activity submission location. The ability to share this data with your customer in their copy of the report is optional, but always available to you.  

gps-security-guard-tracking-system-softwareThe “Real-time GPS Tracking Dashboard” on the home screen of you ADMIN PORTAL is also always available to you, but optional if you wish to include it for your customers in their own, simplified patrol and tour GPS tracking database, which we refer to as a “Reports Portal”. While DAR and incident Reports can be automatically emailed to whoever you wish each morning, both your ADMIN PORTAL and your customer facing REPORTS PORTAL are equipped with simple report filters to give you exactly the date range and information you desire in a report, whether that is GPS tour and patrol tracking data from three days ago, or an Incident Report from last year.

In a time when security threats abound, it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive Security Workforce Management System. A reliable and affordable mobile security officer patrol and tour GPS tracking system is an important part of that. Your ability to supply your customers with reports where they can see that they are getting the service they are paying for brings them peace of mind and makes it easier for you to retain them as a customer.

Security guard tour and patrol GPS tracking is best for customer reporting accountability. Call (800) 688-9633 or click HERE for a demonstration.

The guard patrol GPS tracking piece of the AccountAbility Global security guard management system is as dependable as the entire system. The Workforce management System we provide, as well as the accompanying security guard app download, are built on the same ultra-secure base as many American government agencies, world-renowned educational institutions, medical facilities, and Fortune 100 Companies. And with a 99.99% uptime, you can count on your mobile security officer’s GPS location being known throughout their shift.    

The AccountAbility Global security guard patrol and tour GPS tracking app, as well as the entire Security Workforce Management System, have been developed to be as powerful, secure, and dependable as possible, while also being as AFFORDABLE as possible. By dropping a GPS tracking pin every time a mobile security officer submits a scan or activity, it not only allows us to keep the cost of the GPS tracking system lower, but saves your company and officers on battery life, which can otherwise drain in just a few hours with constant GPS pinging.  

As previously mentioned, the security officer tour GPS tracking is one very important piece of the AccountAbility Global Security Workforce Management System Software and App. Other features and options include, but are not limited to; Customizable button/function visibility, Visitor Management option, time-stamped and geo-tagged guard app submissions, Desk-top mobile submission capabilities, Neighborhood Security App add-on, Reports branded to YOUR security officer company, report types that can be customized by-client, multiple report types, a “Reports Portal” database for your customers, real-time reporting and alert options, And MUCH more… 

And somehow, we still manage to keep it all extremely user-friendly for you, your security officers, and your customers!

The best tour and patrol GPS guard tracking system for your security officer business is affordable, reliable, and part of a Security Workforce Management powerhouse. Call us at (800) 688-9633