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Guard Tour Mobile Tracking App

Guard tour mobile tracking app DEMO HERE or call (800) 633-9633 to decide if this is the best security officer patrol tracking app for your business.

Security guard tour tracking apps are everywhere. Some guard tour apps are made and supported by U.S.-based software companies, some of those software companies have security officer industry experience, some guard tour apps are supported 24/7 by actual security experts, some security guard tour tracking apps are simple to use—for you, your security guards, and for your customers—some guard tour apps are reliable, and some tour tracking systems and apps are affordable. Finding a security guard tour app that is all these things is rare. But the good news is that you have found it.

If you are an American security officer agency, then working with a U.S.-based security guard tour system and mobile guard tour app is the thing to do, for a couple very important reasons.

        1. Where are overseas guard management system businesses storing your critical and secret security data? Even if the nation providing your guard tour tracking app is an ally, your customers would likely not prefer that their data is stored in another country. And what are that foreign entity’s laws regarding keeping your data secure?
        2. Understanding of American security. Security is VERY different in other countries.


Some would mention difficulty in understanding foreign accents, but many overseas support teams speak English very well, so that one is not as much of a problem as it used to be. The two points listed, however, are critical in choosing your security guard tour tracking app.

AccountAbility stores the data collected on the mobile guard tour app on ultra-secure servers, encrypted going in and out, and then archived for years on the Amazon AWS super-servers. All in America. And our developers and Support team are all here as well.

And the AccountAbility team has over 100,000 hours of security industry experience. We are available to support your security guard tour tracking system and mobile guard tour app 24/7, weekends and holidays.

If U.S.-based guard tour system development and mobile security officer guard tour scanning app support is what you need, click HERE or call (800) 688-9633.

guard-tour-tracking-appEase-of-use is a well understood facet of this security guard tour app. Well over a decade ago our Chief Advisor was the CFO of a very well-known security guard firm. He was tasked with finding a less expensive guard tour system and an easier to use mobile security guard tour tracking app. A few weeks later, after numerous disappointments, he started designing his own security officer tour app and software system.  And here we are, today.    

This guard tour tracking app and the guard tour system “Admin Portal” (Command Center) each have the latest version of the highly illustrated User Manual in the upper right corner of the app. Right at your fingertips. Buttons are large and include WORDS. So, if Your security officer needs to do an Incident Report, he taps a button that reads “Incident Report”. Our Chief Advisor was inciteful enough to realize how important the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Soldier) was, and that thinking still goes into every advancement of this guard tour system and mobile guard tracking app.

Which brings us to the next important factor in the best guard tour apps: Reliability. Seriously, what industry needs more reliability than SECURITY? A reliable security guard tour tracking app means that you know that your security officers are, if they are doing what they are supposed to, and lets your customers know that everyone is being…accountable. It also keeps your lone-worker security officers safer, with a “Panic Button” function that allows users to send you, and up to 20 additional phone numbers, the distressed security officer’s data and coordinates.

We all worked for other security related companies before building AccountAbility (and yes, that is our name for a reason), so we’ve seen a LOT of undelivered reports and downtime over the years. At the time of this writing, we—and our customers and their customers—have enjoyed well over 99% uptime and 100% successful report delivery. That is…amazing. I’m seriously feeling paranoid about “jinxing it” by writing it down. LOL! But there is a logical reason that the security guard tour tracking app and tour system software are so reliable.

The entire AccountAbility security workforce management system is built on the same ultra-secure, stable platform that is used by many government agencies, Universities, medical facilities, and Fortune 500 Companies. We will be happy to provide you with pages of security protocols in place, upon request.

Call (800) 688-9633 for a reliable security guard tour tracking app or click to DEMO this easy-to-use guard tour system and mobile app.

With all this, and a lot more, including the Community Crime Watch App, is this mobile security guard tour tracking app and tour system software affordable? Yes.

Because of our previous security industry experience, this guard tour app is built in a way that allows us to save money on development and pass that savings to you (at least part of it). We know that security officer industry margins are tight. What good is finding the best guard tour tracking app just to find out that it is not affordable?

We will price the guard tour tracking app to your needs and to your business model. If it is more cost-effective for you to pay by site/ post, then good. Or, if paying by security guard tour app user is best for you, then that is how we will go.  Furthermore, this guard tour app download is completely customizable. So, if you don’t need or want Visitor Management, the Neighborhood Watch App, the Panic Button, Incident Reporting, or whatever, that will decrease the cost of the guard tour and patrol management system as well.

Of course, volume makes a difference too. Whether you come to us with thousands of security officers and hundreds of sites, or with your very first site, and you as the only user, we will scale the security guard tour tracking pricing to help you grow.

Security guard tour systems and mobile guard tour monitoring apps are not created equal. Call (800) 688-9633 or click HERE to decide if this is the best guard tour app for you.