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Security Guard Tour System

Security guard tour system DEMO HEREOr just call us at (800) 688-9633 to speak with a security officer tour system professional.

Security guard tour system explanations don’t usually start out talking about Support, but that is largely because support for security officer system software and apps is generally…lacking—as you know if you have worked with many other security guard management software providers.  So, this is why we are starting with security officer tour system SUPPORT…because we are the real deal and will prove it to you in very short order.  

We don’t treat your security officer business like we are a bunch of bankers, shutting down at 4:00PM or 5:00PM and closed weekends and holidays!  I, personally, have spent Thanksgiving dinner texting back and forth with a security industry old-timer (I’m not so young myself, so I can say that) who HATED technology and just could not figure out how to add his own security officer to the guard tour system.  Once he got it, it was easy!  But that is what me and my fellow security guard tour system Support folks are here for:  Accountability to YOU.

Giving the BEST guard tour system support possible to you, your security officers and your security business customers is where we start, and it stays strong from there.

A reliable, real-time security guard tour system certainly makes Support easier.  So this system is built on the very same ultra-secure software platform as many US government, university and healthcare provider systems, as well as many of the most successful companies in the world.

Security officer tour and patrol software must be reliable, whether referring to the mobile guard tour app, or the security officer management system.  Otherwise, your business cannot survive, much less GROW.  The security guard tour system software that we will provide and support for your business, your security officers, and your customers, will set you apart.

Understand that we are not asking you to trust that this is the best security officer tour system and app for your company.  We are confident enough in the reliability and first-rate Support of this guard tour system that:guard-tour-tracking-system

      1. We will not charge you a set-up fee.
      2. We only ask for a 30 day notice to cancel.
      3. We will base the cost on your business model to make it most cost-effective. 
      4. We will give you 50% off your first month.


So, very simply, if we can’t keep you as a customer on this security officer tour system for at least a few months, we are losing money.  It is the dependability of this guard tour system and app that allows us to make such a proposal.  Well, that and the supreme tour system support.

Click Here for a guard tour system demonstration, or call to speak with a security officer tour software and app expert:  (800) 688-9633  

You’ve worked hard to build your security officer agency.  Now you need to GROW.  Having the best security guard tour system for your company is a huge piece of that puzzle.  And by saying, “best security guard tour system” for your company, we mean just that:   A balance of decades of security officer industry expertise, support that is second to none, reliability, affordability, and simplicity.  This real-time security officer tour system is not only uncommonly dynamic in your ability to attach pictures and a note to every scan, but is branded to your security guard company! What this means is that the guard tour reports going to your customer are all about YOU; your company name and your logo.    

Your customers need not even know that we exist.  This is your company and your software.  What better way to win new business than with a security officer tour system branded to your business?  We will even go as far as to provide you with a branded guard tour marketing piece to attach to your bids for new security officer contacts bids.  As mentioned at the beginning, providing the best guard tour system Support in the security business is very important to us.

If branded security officer tour system software and accompanying marketing material sounds like a winning combination, then this guard tour system might just be the best tour system for you.

“Cheap guard tour systems” and “free guard tour system” are understandably some of the more common security officer tour system searches on the internet.  But, as with all things, you get what you pay for with a FREE or CHEAP guard tour system. So, while we will not mislead you into free security officer tour system software just to “up-charge” you for something that actually works, we will always strive to give you the most affordable tour system that we can!

We understand very well that cost-effectiveness is paramount with any guard tour and patrol system that you are looking at, or any security business expenses at all for that matter!

Contact a security officer tour software expert by phone at (800) 688-9633 or click HERE for a guard tour system demonstration.

affordable-guard-tour-systemThe mention of our understanding of the necessity for affordability in the previous section brings us to the next important point: Expertise.

The best security officer tour systems are designed from experience, and not by some software company that chooses to jump on the security guard bandwagon.  An app and guard management system designed from the point of security guard business experience is certainly the case here. 

The original designer of the system learned how to develop this guard tour management system and app after decades of working in the Security Officer Management side of the industry.  He was frustrated by the complicated functionality, and or the outdated nature, of other guard tour systems.  Security officers regularly called the office just trying to figure out how to use their mobile security officer tour software.  So, as a tried-and-true expert in the security officer business space, he built the app that has since served hundreds of security guard companies and tens-of-thousands of security officers, supervisors, and managers around the world.  And since then, we’ve tweaked the system based on your (the security officer industry) input until it is what it is today!

The simplicity that was originally built into this security officer tour management system has only been honed over the years.  We use words instead of icons, and even have the illustrated User Manual right at the mobile security officer’s fingertips; literally, in the upper right corner of the mobile app itself.

We also include the latest user manuals in the upper right of the Management Portal.  Again, both the management user manual and the mobile user manual are highly illustrated to give a clear visual of the guard tour system and mobile app capabilities.

Running and growing a successful security officer business is tough enough without having to wrestle with your guard tour system on a daily basis!  Ownership and management of your company should have the phone lines free for customers and urgent matters, not jammed up with mobile security officers calling in because they don’t see where to reset their password!

If you are looking for affordable security guard tour software that is easy to use for both you and your security officers, then the guard tour system and app could be the best fit for your needs.

Call (800) 688-9633 for a demonstration of this easy and affordable security guard tour system and app or click HERE

security-guard-management-system-appBesides the security officer tour system, this guard management system software and mobile app include these features:

      • Support that is second to none
      • An optional “PANIC” button to keep your mobile security workforce safe
      • Branded security reports for your security officer business customers
      • Reports that include GPS geo-tags and time-stamps
      • Customer Specific Report Types
      • Attachment of pictures and video to report submissions
      • A database of reports for your customers
      • Optional custom-built reports
      • Guard tour apps for both android and the iPhone
      • Situational awareness of your security officers for reporting and their safety
      • A Management Map that pinpoints the last few hundred activities of your officers
      • Optional Neighborhood Watch app for an additional layer of security
      • Visitor Management and reporting
      • Many types of security guard reports to fit your customer’s needs, including Incident Reports, DAR, Shift Reports, Visitor Reports, customer based and officer based Timekeeping Reports, Client Activity Reports, Officer Activity Reports, Task Management Reports, Alarm Response Reports, Company Vehicle Reports, suspicious Persons and Vehicle Reports, Neighborhood Watch Reports, and even additional custom reports for a nominal fee!
      • And we are always working at bringing more to your security guard management system, as easy to use and as affordable as humanly possible.


Get a demonstration of the security guard tour system and entire security officer management system by clicking here, or call us to help.

One of the last points above speaks to the many report options that this security officer management system gives you, to fit each of your customer’s specific needs.  And one of the great and unique features of this security guard tour system software and app is your options for delivery to your customers!     

Whether submitting a scan or activity through the guard tour system and app, those submissions each create a timestamped line-item in the reports, including any security data reported, along with any pictures taken.  Your customers can then receive their tour reports by these methods:

      1. Emailed DAR, or daily activity reports, which go out each morning and include all the entries from the previous day and up to the minute before the report goes out.
      2. SHIFT Reports, which go to your customer in real-time, based on when an officer ends their shift.
      3. Your customer’s real-time database of reports, which we call the “Reports Portal”.
      4. Or all three if your customer wishes!


Bottom line:  There is no shortage of security officer tour system reports to fit your customer’s needs.

And as mentioned above, all the reports are branded to your security officer company!  This means that they will not have our logo or name, but yours.  As far as your customers are concerned, this is your security guard tour system.

If having your security guard tour reports delivered to fit your customer’s needs, while being branded to your security business is a good fit, call us at (800) 688-9633 or click HERE

Once you start using this security officer tour system it’ll be a breeze in no time.  But it will be new, initially.  So, whether through live online training, training videos, or the user manuals, we will provide you with all the initial security guard tour system and app training that you need. After that, our wonderful Support staff will be here to answer questions for you, day, night, weekend, and holiday…SERIOUSLY. And when you hire a new Operations Manager or Site manager, we’ll be here to get them up to speed as well.

By now you are seeing that this security guard tour system software and app will get the job done.  But, again, is this the best guard tour system for your company’s needs?

There is certainly a lot of security officer tour software out there.  Some even advertise “FREE security guard tour system” (which, it won’t be in the end).  Others brag that they have been the top choice since the 1990s…and haven’t updated to current security guard technology because they are sticking with what made them.  The point is that there are a lot of security tour systems and mobile apps to choose from. 

Just consider what makes a guard tour system best for you.  If it is the points below that we went over above, then maybe it’s worth a call:



Give us a call at (800) 688-9633 or click here to decide for yourself.