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American Security Workforce Tour and Patrol Management 

American security workforce management system made by American security experts and supplied by and supported from the U.S.  Call (800) 688-9633 or click to DEMO

Choosing an American security workforce management system from a U.S.-based and supported security management software supplier is not a matter of nationalism. If you are located in the U.S.A., it is simply a matter of security.

It may surprise you the learn that many of the security workforce software “solutions” that presently exist are based in India, Europe, Greece, Israel, and various other countries. When you really think about it, are you—or would your customers be—comfortable with your sensitive security data being stored overseas? And how secure is that? You collect sensitive data related to your clients, your security workforce, and your operations. Choosing American security workforce management software provides assurance regarding data privacy and security. The security software providers at AccountAbility are experienced in local security standards and data protection laws, so we can better protect your critical and private data.

And what about familiarity with the American security officer tour and patrol industry? The situational awareness of a software company or app development business in Greece or India could not possibly be the same as a development company based in the U.S., even if the American software company had little security industry experience prior to jumping in the security guard app market. But, why AccountAbility security workforce management software?

We have extensive American security guard tour and patrol system and app experience. Our Chief Consultant spent decades in the physical security management space and our core personnel have spent over 50,000 hours in service to the security guard industry; 24/7, weekend and holiday. There are certainly very few U.S. based security guard tour management system companies who have spent the time in the trenches that we have. And THAT translates to better understanding of your needs and a better product overall.

Call (800) 688-9633 or click HERE if having your data securely stored in America by domestic security industry experts is the way to go.    

american-security-guard-tour-patrol-appBesides having a grasp of the regulations, compliance and general legalities of American security guard business, those years “in the trenches” has made our Support team into a true team of security software and app experts. In a time when other companies are sending Support of their American security guard patrol and tour systems and apps overseas to save a few bucks, you will be pleased to learn that our team all resides in the U.S. as well. When you need help, you will reach someone who has spent many years working with this particular security guard app and management system, and they will be easy to understand. This is not meant to be derogatory in any way towards our allies overseas, but our stateside Support team of American security officer tour and patrol system and app experts is best equipped to help. Period.

Uniquely, we have not let the advantages of keeping all our operations domiciled in the U.S. negatively affect the cost to you. We have built our ultra-secure system lean and mean and managed to keep it very affordable. And when we say “lean and mean”, we mean that the tech is “light” on the system, but this security guard management system does things that 95% of the security software providers cannot (or worse, will not). Even if you are a start-up looking to have the best American made security guard app and patrol and tour system in place for your first customer, we can make it work for you now, and scale the guard tour system affordably as you grow.  

Another tremendous advantage in the time we have spent serving you is that it has made the AccountAbility security workforce management system and the accompanying apps all the more capable! You can’t interact with security management and security officers in the field, year after year, and not get a lot of suggestions on how to supply better security technology. The difference between us and anywhere else we have worked is that WE. LISTEN. Seriously, the arrogance of companies I’ve worked with in the past; suggesting that they will “notify Development to put it in the queue”, except that Development is untouchable and never even replies to Support. NOT so at AccountAbility.

We respect that many of you worked in the police force and served in the U.S. military. Even those of you who didn’t risk your lives in defense of our people and our assets every day and night. So, in a radical change of traditional procedure, our Development team answers directly to Support! So, when our newest support person (who, presently has worked with us for a couple years) sends a note to our CTO, he is back with them the same day, usually in less than 30 minutes! That is not to diminish the amazing capabilities of our CTO, who is largely responsible for how diverse our technology is today, but only to say that we ALL understand. To the highest-level individual in our company, we are a team, working together to provide you with the very best American security officer workforce management technology software and app that we can. And we are willing to learn. 

American based security officer tour and patrol system and app based on our interactions with you; the security industry architects of this guard management software and apps. Call (800) 688-9633.

While the security officer technology that we supply is extremely capable and customizable as it stands (as you will find when you hover over “Arsenal” above) we offer much more, including geofencing, visitor management, lone-worker protection, and Custom Forms and Reports.

“Forms”, to clarify, refers to the data collection piece of the system, performed by your mobile workforce or from a desktop if you direct. “Reports” refers to the finished collection of that data, often for the last 24 hours of activity, and how that Report is delivered to you and/or your customer. This security workforce management system and tracking app is so diverse that it can be customized to your EXACT needs. This does not simply mean that we can turn features on and off for you, so that there is no confusion from the field with buttons/ functions that they don’t need. Yes, we can do that too. But the security guard app download is so customizable that we can even (and this is just to express an extreme) remove the scanning capability and instead fill the app with only custom-built reports!

This is absolutely HUGE and unique to American (or anywhere!) security officer tour and patrol monitoring systems and patrol and tour apps that we have ever seen. Custom Forms and Reports will eventually become an entire branch of AccountAbility Global—the mothership, also headquartered in the U.S.—and rightfully so.

Simply, in the upper right corner of your ADMIN PORTAL there is a “Contact Support” button. You can tap that or simply call the number listed. Once tapped, you will see the phone number, clickable email address to Support, both the ADMIN PORTAL User Manual and the Mobile Security Guard Scanning App, and, “To request a system customization, click HERE”. If your suggestion is something that could benefit all our customers, then we will notify you of ACTUALLY having put it in the Development queue. But perhaps more importantly to the success of your security officer business, you can attach PDF or hand-written Incident Reports, or give a detailed explanation. Once you send us all the relevant data you will have an initial reply within 24 hours and then we can arrange a meeting to get any questions answered to get you an affordable quote.  Whether for a specific customer, or for an internal report, or for release to all your sites, we can build you what you need quickly and affordably.

If you are seeking American supplied security workforce management tour and patrol systems and apps, customized to your very specific requirements, call (800) 688-9633 or click HERE.