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Guard Company Tour & Patrol System

Guard company tour and patrol system DEMO here or call a security guard tour system and patrol expert at (800) 688-9633

Guard company patrol systems and security guard tour systems are everywhere now. So, how do you choose the right guard tour and patrol system for your security officer business? 

We at AccountAbility understand that security and technology are NOT the same thing. We know that many security guard company owners are former or current police and military, and want to use technology as simply and passively as possible; you should be strategizing about the best approach to a security scenario, rather than worrying about whether a security officer understands how to use the guard tour app that they downloaded. Also, if you are  a veteran, or an “old-timer” in general (I can say that, because I am), you likely are not a fan of “guard patrol apps” or “guard tour systems”, and we get that too.

Here’s the thing, this guard tour system and patrol tracking software was originally designed, over a decade ago at the time of this writing, by our lead consultant, who was then the CFO of a large physical security officer company. He had been tasked with finding a new guard tour system and was not having a good time of it.  Everything he found was too complicated, or outdated, or too expensive, or designed overseas by software companies who really knew nothing about American guard tour and patrol systems. So, he set out to create something SIMPLE, but effective.  He was successful, and that creation is the premise of everything we have done since.

And quite a LOT has been done since, making this one of the most capable guard tour systems and security officer patrol tracking software packages in existence. But it has all been done with simplicity, affordability, stability, and security as the guiding force. If you are looking for these qualities in your guard business tour and patrol system, then you are in the right place.

Demo this guard company tour and patrol tracking system HERE, or call a guard tour system and patrol tracking system specialist today at (800) 688-9633      

guard-company-tour-system-supportWe will get to the guard tour system and patrol tracking simplicity, affordability, stability, and security in a moment. First though, it is important to share another intrinsic part of our security workforce management business culture here:  SUPPORT. This is important to stress because it is no longer common. Many of the guard patrol system companies you’ve known through the years have been acquired by mammoth investment firms, sometimes messing up the guard tour and patrol systems, and sending support overseas. Other times Support only answers when convenient. Or, worst of all, the “Support Department” answers, but clearly has no idea how the guard tour system is even supposed to work.

The guard tour management system department at AccountAbility is here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Security doesn’t sleep, so neither do we.  Every member of our team only understands being here for you and your security workforce when they need us. Whether it’s simply pointing out “Reset password” link to a mobile security officer at 0300, or correcting a SITE address on Sunday afternoon because, “Geofencing won’t work”, we are here for you. Fortunately, there are not many Support calls, due to the simplicity and stability of the guard tour system, but we are here for whatever is needed!

The AccountAbility guard company tour system Support team is also FAR more experienced than other security workforce management software companies. Our guard tour management system Support employee, with the shortest amount of experience with this system specifically, has over three years under her belt. While the combined expertise of our Support staff is the result of over 100,000 hours of support for the security industry. This degree of guard tour and patrol system expertise is not common and, as any of our customers will tell you, means a very productive Support call on the rare occasion you may need us. 

Support for this guard company tour and patrol system, for you and your mobile security team, is second to NONE. Click HERE to DEMO this Guard tour system or call (800) 688-9633

Guard Company Tour & Patrol System SIMPLICITY:

We at AccountAbility Global understand that we need to keep it simple. Our mission is to make this guard tour system so simple that no one can mess it up. That may be a dream, but we get closer every day. To start, we use words instead of confusing icons. If your mobile security guard app user needs to do a scan or an activity for their Daily Activity Report (DAR), they will tap a button that says SCAN or ACTIVITY. From there, the form that opens will be incredibly simple, allow them to applicable pics or video, then “Submit”, automatically creating a timestamped, geotagged line-item/entry in their automatically generated DAR (or SHIFT REPORT, if you use Clock In and Clock Out). And to top it off, we place the latest, brief and highly illustrated USER MANUAL, at their fingertips, literally, in the upper, right corner under the “?”.

guard-company-tour-app-downloadAnd your security officer company Management team and your customers have it just as easy. As explained at the top of this page, this guard business tour system and patrol system were designed by a CFO for a physical security company over ten years ago, with simplicity as the driving factor. That factor has only changed in that there have been a couple of other important considerations added to that vital guard tour system starting point.

Guard Company Tour & Patrol System AFFORDABILITY:

Margins. We know.

We’ve been working in security for a long time. We understand that competition has made profit margins slim.  You can point out all the additional security measures you can bring with your guard tour system (and we definitely bring that, with the COMMUNITY WATCH APP for example), but when you are speaking with an HOA property manager, who has basically been tasked with finding cheapest option, it’s tough. So, WE will not be a hinderance to you winning that contract!

Our pricing is based on your business model. If you only have a few sites, but they are airports and such with 15 to 30 security officers on 24/7, then PER-SITE pricing will be best. If you have dozens, or thousands of sites, but the average is three security officers per site, then PER-USER pricing may be best.

And even those variables will become more affordable as you grow with us, with guard tour and patrol system pricing coming down per-user or per-site, retroactively, the more you have with us.

The bottom line is that the best guard tour system or security officer patrol tracking software should help you WIN BUSINESS and GROW, not keep you from it. We at AccountAbility Global are committed to doing our best for you on the cost-effectiveness front, and all others.

Guard Company Tour & Patrol System STABILITY and SECURITY:

Whether it is the BILLION DOLLAR investment firms buying up guard tour system providers and forcing changes that they don’t understand, or smaller guard patrol system businesses succumbing to greed instead of quality and service, at the time of this writing, guard company tour and patrol system stability has become frighteningly rare. Every day, we at AccountAbility hear things like, “I’m calling you because the system I’m using was down all weekend, again”. AGAIN!?  The AccountAbility Global system has maintained near 100% uptime SINCE INCEPTION, so the idea of being down “all weekend, again” is unfathomable. Truly. You would think that any company offering security guard tour management system services would not sleep unless everything was in pristine working order.  I know WE don’t.  

I will refrain from letting my personal feelings leak in beyond this point, but people’s LIVES are on the line. “Support” only when convenient, and unstable, unreliable security guard management systems when a security officer is trying to submit an Incident Report, are not an option!

The AccountAbility (and we have that name for a reason) guard company tour and patrol system is built on Caspio; the same ultra-secure and stable platform used by some Government, Health care, Energy. Tech, Education, and Fortune 100 Companies that you might recognize.

Data is encrypted going in and coming out, as you may expect to be the case serving the likes of Harvard, Intel and Universal Studios. The platform offers HIPAA Compliance, FERPA Compliance, GovCloud – FIPS 140-2 Compliance, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR Compliance, and Section 508, ADA and WCAG Accessibility Compliance. And for anyone else who doesn’t know what all that means, I’m with you! But is clear that the system is very secure.

If you seek a guard tour system that is easy to use, affordable, stable, and secure, all while being supported by industry experts, DEMO or call us today: (800) 688-9633