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Security Guard Company Software and Apps

Security Guard Company Software and App DEMO here or just call our security officer business software experts at (800) 688-9633.

Security guard company software and app choices abound. Like everything, some are good, some are not, and some are too expensive. Arguably, the best security guard business software and app is a guard management system that is…

      • user-friendly,
      • dependable,
      • gets you and your customers what you need,
      • is affordable,
      • is supported 24/7 by security software and app industry experts,
      • includes easy to understand training,
      • is branded to your security guard business,
      • and maybe includes some special capabilities that 95% of your security guard business competition cannot offer.


We believe that the AccountAbility Global security officer business software and app(s) check all the boxes, but you are, of course, the judge if this is the best guard company software and apps for you.

But first, a short explanation about why all security guard company software and apps are not created equally. When the first iteration of this app was born over a decade ago, it was built by a man who spent decades on the physical security management side of the security industry. He (still our Chief Consultant) built the first patrol app because the few players offering real-time security guard reporting and tour and patrol tracking at that time were complicated and expensive. Since then, our core team has spent over 50,000 hours in support of security guard management and our soldiers in the field, tweaking the app based on that experience until it evolved into the powerhouse it is today.american-security-guard-company-software-app

Meanwhile, software companies here and abroad decided it would be cool to develop apps for the security industry to make a buck. No one can blame someone for wanting to earn, but the problem is that the majority of these software companies (and many of them residing in other countries) have little to no U.S. security industry experience and, in the case of a lot of the foreign software and app companies, they store your security data in their country! So, at best, they have confusing apps that don’t do everything your security officer agency and your customers need.

We are excited to show you the difference of what true security guard monitoring company software can do when crafted by American security industry experts. It is, in fact, why we named ourselves AccountAbility. Great word.

Call (800) 688-9633 now to experience the difference of American security industry expert-built security guard company software and apps or click for a DEMO.  

Simplicity. Another great word. While so many software and app companies are coming up with nifty icons, we use WORDS. If the mobile security officer needs to scan, they tap SCAN. If they need to do an Incident Report, they tap “Incident Report”…crazy thought. The layout is then super simple, allowing them to collect exactly what you need from the field, which then automatically goes to you and your customers in the manner you choose. And the ADMIN PORTAL is just as simple for you and your managers. Words tell you where to click and simple filters give you the exact report or information you need in seconds.

The same user-friendly simplicity is true for your customers. They can receive traditional emailed DAR (Daily Activity Reports) and daily emailed Incident Reports if you choose, but you can also choose to give them their own super simple “Reports Portal”. This is a view only database of reports that you approve for them to receive (or no approval is necessary, if you prefer). With a couple clicks they can pull up last month’s DAR, or an Incident Report form last year…without calling you! They can save it, print it email it, but they cannot edit it, as can be done by your top-level managers. And like everything in the AccountAbility Global system, their REPORTS PORTAL is branded to your company, including your logo if you have one. So, as far as your customers are concerned, this is YOUR proprietary security guard company software and app!

Finally, we provide USER MANUALS for every platform and app. Some are only one page long, like the one for your customer’s simple “REPORTS PORTAL”. Some are several pages long, like the one for your ADMIN PORTAL. But whether it is the user manual for your customer’s REPORT PORTAL, your ADMIN PORTAL, or your security workforce SECURITY GUARD APP, it is mostly pictures, showing you exactly how to handle any scenario, and right there at your and their fingertips (like the “?” in the mobile tour app pictured here).

Regardless of simplicity, training on your new security guard business software and app will be immediately implemented through detailed video, and then with live, online screen sharing follow-ups if need be. There is a training video for the management ADMIN PORTAL, and a separate training video for both management and security officers covering the mobile Security Guard App. Management will want to view that one as well, as it covers your security guard company’s mobile managerial and supervisory capabilities.

Get a DEMO of this user-friendly yet dynamic security guard company software or call a security officer agency app expert at (800) 688-9633 to see.

Here are some of the additional features included or optional in this security officer business software and mobile app(s):security-guard-company-app-download

      • Security officer apps for iPhone and Android
      • Customizable GEOFENCING
      • NFC and QR Code Scanning
      • Branded security reports and REPORTS PORTAL
      • Post Orders/ SOP Management
      • geo-tags and time-stamps
      • Time & Attendance Tracking
      • Report Types that can be generally customized or specific to a particular customer
      • Multiple pictures in reports
      • Real-time ADMIN PORTAL activity map
      • Optional geo-tags for your customers
      • Optional Visitor Management
      • Many report types
      • Optional custom-built reports
      • A PANIC button to protect your mobile workforce
      • Optional Community Security app for an additional layer of security
      • Extraordinary Support


The last three bullets deserve a little fleshing out…

The PANIC button, illustrated on this page in the upper right of the mobile security officer app picture above, is a crucial safety feature for your mobile security workforce. When an officer in distress taps the button, it opens a screen with a ten second time, including the ability for the officer to CANCEL if he tapped it accidentally. If the officer does not deactivate the panic alert, a real-time message goes out to approximately 12 email addresses. The addition of up to 20 phone number TEXTS/ SMS is an option for an additional $35 per month (may be reevaluated for very large security officer companies).

Created by our CEO, Chief Consultant and CTO many years ago, and tweaked with additional simple community features ever since, the Community Security App is a pretty amazing and unique part of this security guard company software. In effect, this allows you to add an entire additional level of security by giving a “neighborhood watch” capability to your customers! Read more about this one HERE.

The AccountAbility Global Support team has worked together for many years and spent countless days, night, weekends, and holidays in the trenches with you. Whether a security officer forgot his password at 3am on a Sunday, or a new Security Manager needed guidance to add a new site on Thanksgiving Day, we’ve been there. A great security guard company software system and app are wonderful, but with the stellar Support team that come with it, you’ve truly got it GOOD.

If you are seeking an affordable security guard software system and app with LOTS of amazing features to please your customers, call (800) 688-9633 or click HERE.

And somehow, with all these available features—and we initially launch with the basics for simplicity’s sake, allowing you to add whatever additional functions fit your needs—we have managed to keep this security officer company software and app(s) extremely affordable. We are aware of the tight margins in the security industry, so we have developed the AccountAbility Global system pricing to scale with YOU. Whether you are a start-up with your first site, or a national or global security officer firm looking for better software and app downloads, we will make this as inexpensive as possible for your specific security company.   

And what good are all these wonderful capabilities and affordability of the security guard app and security officer company software are not dependable? This is why we built AccountAbility Global on the same ultra-secure and reliable platform as many of the world’s largest medical records facilities, government agencies, and fortune 100 companies. With 99.99% uptime, you will not be disappointed with the AccountAbility Global dependability.

So, if you are looking for guard business software and a security guard app that are truly innovative and dynamic, offering additional layers of security for your mobile workforce as well as your customers, we are likely the right place for you. We have put many decades of security and software expertise into the development of this American made and supported security officer workforce system and hope to spend many years accountable to you.

Call our security guard workforce software specialists at (800) 688-9633 or get a DEMO of this affordable and dependable guard business software today!