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About Free Security Guard Tour System & Patrol System Software & App Downloads

Free Guard Tour Systems, Free Security Guard Patrol App Download, and Free Guard Tour Patrol System Software are common searches by security guard companies, and for good reason.

Security guard industry margins are slim, and it can be tough to get the business profitable and keep it growing (We have provided over 100,000 hours of support to the security industry. We know). So, it would be GREAT if a “free guard tour app” download or guard patrol system could do the job. But the issue, when you think about it, is that free security guard checkpoint system technology, or a free security guard app that actually tracks your security guards, and allows for mobile security officer reporting, has to be one of two things:

        1. It’s a bait-and-switch – In this scenario, the software company offering the “free guard tour system” actually has an app that works, at least to some degree, but they are getting you hooked with the free guard patrol system and app download so that they can unethically upsell you to the system that works, once they get you to spend the time to move everything over. Not cool.
        2. It’s a scam (even less cool).


The good news is that we can get as close to FREE as is realistic.

We work with security officer agency start-ups, as well as larger security guard companies and government agencies, who need or want a less expensive guard management system, to get them the most affordable guard tour & patrol management system and app downloads that can be had, and that are ULTRA-reliable.  

Your security company is too important—and frankly, too regulated (seriously, do you want an Incident Report concerning a homicide to go undelivered?)—to use an unreliable, “free” guard tour system download.  Your customers are the same as the tens-of-thousands of security officer company customers that we have been helping for a very long time. At the root of it, they want to know that the service they are paying for is being provided. Simple.

free-guard-patrol-systems-app-downloadsThe security guard tour and patrol system and guard rounds tracking app downloads provided through AccountAbility are inexpensive, dependable, user-friendly (for you and your customers), American made, and supported 24/7 using the knowledge that we have gained providing those 100,000+ hours of support. And this system includes some excellent functions to help you sell your services and grow!

Built on the same super-secure and stable platform as many government agencies, medical facilities, universities, and fortune 100 companies, this security workforce management system software has an up-time of over 99%, and we (and our customers and their customers) have enjoyed 100% successful report delivery at the time of this writing! You won’t find any of that in a free security guard management system or free guard tour app download.

The 24/7, U.S.-based Support from actual security industry experts is pretty uniquely special too, even compared to guard tour and patrol monitoring systems and apps that cost three times as much.

And here is the main—and unique to us, as far as we know—feature that will help you grow.  And this is actually included for FREE to you when you obtain our very affordable guard tour system and app. You would be well justified to charge extra to provide this feature to your customers however, as it provides an entire additional layer of security: the Community Crime Watch App

So, while we can’t provide a free security guard patrol system or a free guard tour and patrol app download, we can offer a security officer management system that is stable, easy to use, American made and supported, and that helps your security guard business succeed, all at an incredibly reasonable price tailored to your company needs.  Give us a call to see if that makes this the best guard tour and patrol system and app for you.

Funny/ Not funny Story: 

Nearly a decade ago, the first iteration of this app was a web app only.  That means you couldn’t download our guard tour app from the app stores, but instead, you opened it in the browser on your phone, and saved it to your home screen as a shortcut. Well, we couldn’t build a scanner into the mobile web app, and money was tight as a start-up, so we tested FREE scanning apps and found one that worked decently. Our customers had to download it separately, and we had it feed into our mobile guard tour web-app (ah, the old days. LOL). One evening I answered a support call from a distraught customer who said that she was getting calls from her field officers that inappropriate pictures were popping up on our app! Our awesome tech team (still with us!) immediately started testing EVERYTHING and, within an hour…sure enough, our FREE SCANNING APP was popping up pictures of girls in bikinis every few scans! I don’t even remember what they were selling, but they made their money on “advertising” and gave you a week WITHOUT pop-up advertising to get hooked. 

THAT was a fun couple weeks until we could develop our own scanner…not.         

Instead of getting burned on a free guard tour system or a free guard tour patrol app download, give us a call at (800) 688-9633 or click HERE for an affordable and reliable security guard management system & security guard app.