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Security Officer Metrics and Officer Reports

Security Officer metrics are crucial for increased safety and smoother operations. Gather the security officer metrics you need from officer reports. Call (800) 688-9633 or click to schedule a DEMO.

Officer metrics should be collected for many reasons and can easily be gathered and utilized through AccountAbility Global’s supervisor, manager, and security officer reports.

      1. Security Officer Evaluation Reports:

Security officer metrics allow you to easily evaluate the performance of your security officers. The AccountAbility Global security workforce management system download includes mobile manager and supervisory EMPLOYEE and SITE evaluation report forms. Once the data is collected, you can run whatever security officer reports that are useful to analyze the officer metrics. AccountAbility Global can also build you completely custom security officer reports to collect exactly the security officer metrics that your security firm and customers need.

      1. Smoother Security Operations:

Security officer metrics provide for smoother security workforce operations. By collecting data from the field, you can analyze incident patterns, response time, patrol and tour activity, and many other metrics. You can then identify what shortcomings exist in order to implement SOP and policies to smooth out the rough spots. Better security practices can result in a safer, happier security workforce while reducing your costs and increasing profitability. 

      1. Customer Satisfaction:

Keeping your customers happy is ALWAYS good. Collecting officer metrics assists you in giving your customers the service they hope for. By monitoring the scheduled security officer shift reports going out each morning, and analyzing the detail in the Incident Reports, you can measure your security officers’ likelihood to meet and surpass your customer’s needs. Additionally, by having GPS proving that your security officers were on site, even if the customer didn’t see them and so incorrectly judged them as missing from duty, you can save an account and renew customer faith in your capabilities. AccountAbility has got your six. 

      1. Resource Allocation:

Security officer metrics allow your security officer agency to better direct resource allocation through data-driven decisions. For example, you can quickly pull the last six months or year—or whatever timeframe serves—of officer Incident Reports and then easily sort the officer reports by Incident Type. Control of these kinds of officer metrics gives you the capability to see where and when your resources might better serve a particular site or client, keeping your customer happy and saving you time and money.

      1. Risk Mitigation:

Security vulnerabilities are identified by way of the metrics collected by your security officers and managers through the AccountAbility mobile patrol and desktop security workforce app. When your manager or security officer reports on Incidents or suspicious Persons or Vehicles, that critical data not only forms the officer reports themselves but also populates your ADMIN PORTAL in real-time for analysis. Risk management strategies can then be developed based on incident frequency and severity. Our simple system filters allow you to pinpoint the officer metrics that best fit your needs based on the patterns and trends that you observe developing.

      1. Accountability (and there’s that word again…)

Your accountability to your customers is critical. And our accountability to you ALL is just as important. Security officer metrics provide a way to ensure transparency to your customers, while providing your security officer firm with everything you need for compliance with regulations and contractual obligations. By monitoring metrics such as adherence to Post Orders/SOP, thoroughness of incident documentation, patrol and tour completion, etc., your security officer business admin can confirm that compliance is covered. In the event of a legal inquiry, you have the exact security officer incident reports you need (from three years ago, if need be) a couple clicks away.

      1. Continuous Security Operations Improvement:

Officer metrics collected through security manager, supervisor, or security officer reports allow you to identify trends over time. Specific functions like “Employee Discipline” and “Site Inspection” officer reports give you the data to help correct a security officer who may be slightly out of sync. Then, analyzing these patterns involving security officers, incident types, and incident frequency helps you develop strategies and SOP to address them. Continuous improvement boosts the effectiveness of your security operations, and cohesive, effective security operations make for a more confident, happier, and productive security team.

The collection and use of security officer metrics should be done responsibly and ethically, with a commitment to keeping the privacy of all individuals involved intact. Officer reports and related metrics should focus on performance and operational aspects and avoid the invasion of privacy of your security workforce as well as the folks and assets that they are protecting. By collecting security officer metrics, your security officer business can smooth operations, mitigate risks, follow regulations, and keep your customers happy. Your related security officer reports can be pulled using simple filters based on the exact incident and officer metrics you seek. 

Safety, Security, and AccountAbility; that is what the proper use of security officer metrics and officer reports is all about.

Call a security officer metrics expert at (800) 688-9633 or schedule a DEMO to get the security officer reports and metrics that you need.