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Security Guard Patrol Tracking

Security guard patrol tracking is easy and affordable with this dependable guard patrol tracking system software and scanning app. Call (800) 688-9633 or click to DEMO.

A reliable security guard patrol tracking system is necessary for many reasons. But the two most important reasons to use a dependable security guard patrol monitoring system are 1. Security Officer Safety, and 2. Client Retention. The AccountAbility security guard patrol tracking system covers both, and more.

This mobile patrol tracking app download has a built in “panic button” for lone-worker protection. This safety feature allows a security officer, who may be working alone and working a night shift at that, to tap a Panic Button if they feel threatened while on patrol. This action changes the security guard app to a screen with a 10 second timer counting down. The patrol officer then has the option to either allow it to count down, tap a second “Submit” button to send immediately, or tap “Cancel”, if initially tapped by mistake. When the patrol tracker panic alert timer counts down, or the guard taps “Submit” on the countdown page, a real-time alert goes out to whatever security workforce management personnel that you have specified in the patrol tracking system.  Included is the security officer’s name, email, and phone number to call if you have entered it into your system. When the security guard tracking link that is received by security management is tapped, the GPS pin showing where that guard was when the security officer tapped the panic submission appears. This kind of security officer tracking system capability saves lives and assures your security officers that you are looking out for them, helping to maintain a positive company culture.

Client retention is accomplished because this security guard tracking system tour software assures your customers that your security officers are doing the job they/ you were hired to do. Your customer may not need to see the coordinates with every submission—though that is an option if you choose—but if a client is concerned that an officer was not on site when they should have been, it is imperative that you have the patrol tracking system technology to present the on-site checkpoints hit or scanned in that period, in order to prove otherwise.    

This security guard patrol tracking system protects your guards and helps assure client retention. Call (800) 688-9633 or CLICK to see this security officer patrol tracking system.

security-guard-patrol-tracking-appReliability is crucial in a security guard patrol tracking system, as well as in a security workforce management system in general. There are few industries where stability and dependability are as crucial as they are in security. And while that may seem to go without saying, the idea is not supported by the number of internet searches for, “free patrol tracking systems”, or, “free” security guard patrol tracking software and patrol apps.

Being concerned about finding an affordable patrol tour tracking system is totally understandable. Physical security industry margins are slim, and cost-effectiveness should always be a consideration with guard patrol tracking systems or with any business expenditure. But “FREE” is a lie. A free security guard patrol tracking system is either a bait-and-switch, or it is paid for by pop-up ads. Either way, you will end up paying a LOT more for a “free” security guard patrol tracking system than an affordable one. And this patrol tracking tour system is very affordable. We will work out a personalized quote for your company based on your company model. To start, we will base it on system users or on sites, whichever is more cost-effective for you.  And if you only need certain services, your price is lowered accordingly, but you will be pleased to find that the security guard patrol tracking system, as well as the entire security workforce management system, is surprisingly inexpensive.

So, back to stability and reliability. This patrol tracking system is built on the same super-secure, super-stable platform that INTEL, Cisco, Yale, and Verizon use, just to name a few. With 100% successful customer report delivery at the time of this writing, the AccountAbility team can attest to this being the most stable and reliable security guard management system we have ever worked with. And with over 100,000 hours of security work between us, we have worked with a few. If a stable and dependable security guard patrol tracking system and app is what you seek, you are in the right place.

Affordable and reliable security guard patrol tracking system software and apps is a phone call away. Call (800) 688-9633 or click for a DEMO of this patrol tracking system.

easy-guard-patrol-systemHopefully by now it is apparent that the AccountAbility security guard patrol system, as well as the security workforce management system in its entirety, is stable, affordable, and helps protect your patrol officers and retain customers. So, what else is there? Arguably, if the patrol system Support is stellar, and the guard patrol app and management pieces are easy to use, this might just be the best security guard patrol tracking system for you.

SUPPORT (and yes, that is capitalized for a reason). If you saw the reviews in the app stores or on our homepage, you see that this is one of the recurring points of praise, and for good reason. As briefly mentioned earlier, our team has over 100,000 hours of experience in physical security and security software systems and app SaaS (Software as a Service); both Support and Development. This security guard patrol monitoring system was made in America, influenced and tweaked according to U.S. security experience, and our global Support team is all U.S.-based as well. To top it off, the patrol tracking system support team is here 24/ 7/ 365. Security does not run on banker’s hours, so neither do we.

And last but not least, ease-of-use of both the patrol tracking system and the patrol tracking app. This entire system was born, well over a decade ago, for this very reason. Our senior consultant was, at the time, the CFO of one of the larger players in the physical security officer industry. Given the huge turnover that has always existed in the security guard business, he was tasked with finding an app that was simple for the security officers to use, inexpensive, and reliable.

The hunt did not go well.

After weeks of frustration, he set out to develop the security guard patrol tracking system that was the basis for what we have today. And that driving force of SIMPLICITY has been with us ever since. As a matter of fact, that is the first info you will read on the HOME page of the site: Our understanding of the importance of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Soldier).

This security guard patrol tracking system is easy to use, easy to manage, and easy for your customers to receive reports. Call (800) 688-9633 or CLICK today to decide for yourself if it is best for you.