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What Makes the Best Guard Management System & App?

Your best security guard management system and best security guard management app must fit your needs. Call (800) 688-9633 or CLICK to see if this is the best guard management system & app for you.

The best security guard management system and the best security guard management app is, very simply, the best app and system for you. Anyone who starts out by telling you that they can provide you with the best security officer app and management system, without even knowing what you need it for, is…maybe not being 100% truthful.  

The security industry experts at AccountAbility have spent over 50,000 hours in service and Support to the physical security industry.  We have listened, and we have worked hard to make this the best guard app and management system software that we could.  And we’re not done either. But we have also learned from you that “The BEST” is in the eye of the beholder, so in this page (or if you call and speak to someone here), we will provide the facts, answer your questions, and in the end, YOU will be the judge as to whether this is the best security guard app and management software for your specific needs.

We will get into the actual security officer app and management system features in a moment, but a couple aspects of the AccountAbility system that will help you decide if it is best for your company are reliability, affordability, ease-of-use, and SUPPORT.  

In respect to your time, we will address SUPPORT (and explain why it is capitalized), then cut to bullets of the features and capabilities, to read more about reliability or affordability or ease-of-use, please click those blue links to take you to that page.

best-security-guard-management-system-supportThis company is named AccountAbility for a reason. Most of us came from security officer management software companies who ignored the requests and concerns of their customers, and who also operated on banker’s hours…like security stops at 5PM and on holidays! So, many years ago our core team began providing 24/7 support; and all from America, too. That is when much of our 50,000 hours of support to the security industry was gained, showing a security officer how to reset their password at 3am, or helping a new manager who hadn’t yet seen the training video how to add a new site on Thanksgiving Day. And we’ve gained a whole lot of expertise along the way, both in Security and SaaS (Software as a Service). Security doesn’t sleep, or take a day off, so neither do we; not all of us at once, anyway! Arguably 24/7 Support, from U.S. based security industry experts, is the best guard app and security officer management system software SUPPORT that you can get.

The best security guard apps and the best guard management systems are supported by U.S.-based security industry experts, 24/7. Call (800) 688-9633 or click HERE.  

All security guard apps and management systems should have the basic features like scanning checkpoints, real-time mobile reporting, mobile Post Order/SOP access, etc., as you will see listed below. Any app and software that doesn’t have THAT basic stuff working is not okay.

The best guard app and management system, however, needs to do a lot more, while not overcomplicating usage, and keeping it affordable (and by the way, avoid “free” guard management systems and “cheap” security guard app products).

Here are some of the features that might help you decide if this really is the best guard app and management system for your needs. We’ve also highlighted a few of the more unique, or largely unique, features in green, to help you decide if they might weigh in:

Android and iPhone Mobile Patrol Security Officer Apps:

Apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store, and are also available through the “Customer Login”.


Again, this is emphasized because of the 24/7, security industry expert, U.S. based Support. That is the best guard app and security officer management system Support there is, I don’t care WHO you are!

Customizable Buttons/Functions:best-security-guard-app-download

This is HUGE. This is the most flexible security guard app that we have encountered. Simply, you can have all the standard functionality, ask us to activate additional functionality, or strip it down to an Activity Form and no scan button! The point is that there will be no confusing capabilities that your managers, Supervisors, customers, or mobile security officer workforce are required to deal with. Lean and MEAN! 

Mobile Guard PANIC Button:

Some mobile security officer apps have this crucial function, but many of the “big” players don’t. Here is more on that if you wish: Security Officer Well-being

QR, NFC, or VIRTUAL Checkpoints:

Simple enough. “Virtual checkpoints” can be selected from the Activity Form, for a client who may not allow any kind of scannable point to be affixed to their property.


This is your command center, from where you can monitor and control the system.

Real-time Management Map:

This map is located on the home screen of your Admin Portal. It displays in a position that is zoomed out to show all of your sites at which recent activity has occurred. You can click “Refresh Map” at any time to see up to the second Activity , Incident, and Scan submissions, and/or you can zoom in on a specific site, to closely analyze what is happening there.

Reports Branded to YOUR Business

Again, some security officer management software allows for this, but MOST has to slap their own name on it somewhere. WE at AccountAbility want to make this YOUR system, so our name is not attached to your customers REPORTS PORTAL or emailed reports.

Report Approval Option:

You can approve ACTIVITY and/or INCIDENT submissions if you choose.

Many Standard Security Officer Report Options:

Scan, Activity, Incident, Visitor, Timekeeping, Vehicle, Discipline, etc., along with a lot that are not so “standard”, like Task, Alarm Response, Person/Vehicle, and more. While we are not making this one green, the AccountAbility system gives you the unique ability to create “TYPES” for the standard report forms. So, whether you want to create your own Incident Types with police codes, or you need specific Activity types for a hospital customer, we got you covered!

Custom Forms & Reports:

While the customization abilities in the regular system allow for thousands of variations, if you need something even more specific for a particular customer, or you need a very special form for your supervisors, or whatever that need is, our security software experts can have it developed quickly, and for a very affordable fee! And, combined with the “Customizable Buttons/Functions” point above, you could have an app of ONLY custom forms, if that is what you need! This exceptional flexibility might help put this guard app and guard management system in the “best” category too.

Time-stamped & Geo-tagged Guard App Submissions:

Every submission from your security officer’s tours and patrols goes into your system with a timestamp and a geo-tag, or Google map pin, showing where the officer was at the time of submission.


Optional by checkpoint and by user, regardless of security level.

Desktop Reporting Option:

Mobile app data collection functions can be performed from a desktop computer or laptop if you grant the user the ability.


You can run timekeeping reports based on officer or client, for payroll or billing assistance, respectively.

Pictures With Mobile App Submissions:

Pictures are optional on every mobile app submission, but every report can have quite a few, if necessary. For example, every scan or activity submission allows for two pictures, so a DAR (Daily Activity Report) with as little as 25 submissions could have as many as 50 pictures!

Real-time Alerts:

Real-time alerts are no longer unique, but some of the Accountability guard app and management system features are completely unique, so then are its real-time alerts.

best-guard-management-system-customer-reportingREPORTS PORTAL for Your Customers:

About a 50/50 split with security workforce management system and rounds tracker companies who offer something like this. This gives your customers their own super-simple database of reports, allowing them to pull the exact report they want, without calling you, in a couple of clicks!

GPS pings for Your Customers:

This is an option where you can allow your customers to see where an officer was when they made their report submission. It is turned off, by default.

Daily Activity Report Email:

In addition to or in replacement of the customer facing REPORTS PORTAL.

Real-time Incident Reporting:

Daily Incident Report emails can go out with the DAR in the morning too, while real-time Incident Reporting can be in addition to or in replacement to either.

Branded Marketing/ Bid Material:

As mentioned above, we want this system to be YOURS, and we want you to grow with us. So, we will provide you with a marketing flyer and a seven (7) page bid/marketing piece COIMPLETELY BRANDED TO YOU. The best guard app and guard management system and software should help you grow.  

Optional Visitor Management:

A simple access control system that can currently be activated at no additional charge if useful.

Optional Neighborhood Watch App add-on:

best-guard-management-system-optionsThis one needs to be GREENER. If there is a single feature that generally cements this security guard app and workforce management system as the best in the industry, it is this strangely unique community security app. Conceived of by our CEO many years ago, and expanded by our CTO since, this amazing feature allows you to add a layer of security to your services that your competitors cannot offer! Read more HERE, or just call us.

Easy Access User Manuals:

Again, it is strange that we haven’t noticed competitors stealing this, but it all goes with the concept of making the security officer app and management system USER-FRIENDLY. So, the latest version of the highly illustrated mobile app will always reside under the question-mark in the upper right of the security guard app. And the ADMIN PORTAL and Mobile App User Manuals will reside under “Contact Support” in the Admin Portal. Even the Neighborhood/Community Security App and customer facing REPORTS Portal have one page User Manuals. “Best” guard app and security officer management system software yet?

Training Videos and Ongoing Training:

Once you bring AccountAbility on, we will have you deployed and trained in a matter of DAYS. Security industry expertise has indicated that initially providing you with detailed training videos, and live online Q & A and additional training has our average customer at expert system status themselves inside of two weeks.


Lots more, and lots more coming. We like what we do. We are not looking to have a “security officer app in a box”. We are looking to continually learn from our interactions with you in order to produce the very best security guard app and security officer management system that exists. And we’ll have someone here at 3AM when your mobile security officer doesn’t notice the “Reset password” link on their login screen. Seriously. We got your six.

 Your best security guard management system and best guard management app are a phone call away. Call (800) 688-9633 or click for a DEMO