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Security Officer Tour System Software

Security Officer Tour System DEMO HEREOr call (800) 688-9633 to speak with a security officer tour system expert.

Security officer tour system Support is crucial. That might seem like common sense, yet 90%+ of the customers we’ve spoken with over the years came from previous security officer tour system providers with little, to NO, support. Some occasionally answer but don’t know the answers and don’t get back with you. Some guard tour system providers answer from overseas, with little understanding of American security, and some seem to think security operates on banking hours. AccountAbility’s got your six.

The best security officer tour system support for you should NOT operate on banker’s hours–shutting down at 5PM Monday through Friday and closed weekends and holidays. Security is 24/7, and your tour software support team should be available to answer the phone 24/7, or get right back with you if you must leave a message. Guard tour system support should also be U.S.-based, for a clearer communication and for better understanding of U.S. security issues. And, perhaps most importantly, the support for your security officer tour system should know how to help, not just offer lip service that they are kicking it up the chain, never to hear from them about it again!  

Our Support team is here for you and is the definition of ACCOUNTABILITY.  And, as far as expertise goes, our team members have an average of over seven years each working with this guard tour system, so you are in extremely capable hands.

Of course, the stability of the security officer tour software makes Support a lot easier for us. With over 99.9% uptime, you and your management staff, as well as your mobile security guard app security patrol workforce, have a reliable solution here. This is, in fact, The AccountAbility platform is built on the same platform utilized by many government agencies, Tech giants, hospitals and medical facilities, as well as many of the Fortune 500 Companies. So, if stability, dependability, and security are on your list of must-haves in a security guard tour system and app, you are in the right place.  

Click HERE for a security officer tour system demonstration, or call to speak with a security guard tour system and app expert:  (800) 688-9633 

We will outline why this affordable security guard tour system might be best for your security business, but first we will put our money where our mouth is.  Anyone can claim to offer the best guard tour software and app to “make a sale”, but once the sale is made, then what? We at AccountAbility Global are sure enough about the stability and outstanding Support provided with this security officer tour system and guard tour app, that we can offer the following:

      1. NO set-up fees.
      2. NO binding contract.
      3. We create marketing and bid material BRANDED to your company at no additional charge.
      4. We price the security officer tour system based on your business model, in order to make it most affordable


If we can’t serve your guard business needs sufficiently to keep you as a guard tour system customer, for a few months at least, we lose money. The Support, Reliability, and the outstanding security workforce system functions listed below allow us to make this proposal.

Here are some of the features and functions included in this security officer guard tour system and security guard management system at large:     

        • U.S.-based ultra secure servers
        • U.S.-based 24/7 Support
        • Actual Guard Tour System Experts providing support
        • An optional guard tour app “PANIC” button
        • Branded reports
        • GPS geo-tags and time-stamps in reports
        • Geofencing
        • Customer-specific Report options
        • Simple SOP/ Post Orders Management and Access
        • Optional pictures in reports
        • A customer-facing database of reports with simple filters
        • Custom reports option
        • Android and iPhone mobile app downloads, as well as a web-based option
        • NFC & QR Code scanning and Virtual Checkpoints
        • Situational awareness
        • A real-time map of officer whereabouts in your ADMIN PORTAL
        • Neighborhood Watch/ Community Security app option
        • Visitor Management option
        • Multiple report types
        • And more…


Get a DEMO of this security officer tour system and the whole security guard tour management system HERE, or call us at (800) 688-9633

The word “branded” is mentioned a couple times above, but it is important to the success of YOUR security officer tour system, so bears repeating.

The emailed reports that go out from your guard management system, the customer-facing “REPORTS PORTAL” (where they have all their reports that you have ever approved available to access themselves), and the bid and marketing material we provide, are all branded to YOUR company. Your customers do not need to know that we exist. And what better way could there be to win new jobs to grow your security business than technology branded to your company?

There are four delivery options for your security reporting to your clients:

      1. A real-time customer-facing database of approved reports, which we call the “Reports Portal”. This option gives your customer the power to pull the reports they want, whether the “light Check” activity from last week, or an Incident Report from last year, with a couple simple clicks!
      2. Emailed daily activity reports (DAR) and/or Incident Reports which go out each morning including all entries from the previous day, and right up to the minute before the report is sent to your customer.
      3. SHIFT Reports are based on when an officer ends their shift and go to your customer in real-time.
      4. Any combo your customer wants!


So, if having multiple methods of sending reports to your customers, combined with a security officer tour system and bid/marketing material that are branded to your company sounds good, then this guard tour system might fit your needs.

Call if getting the right security officer tour system reports to your customer and having them branded to your company, along with matching marketing material sounds like a winner: (800) 688-9633

security-guard-tour-system-expertsThere is a lot more to be said about the features and functions of this security guard tour system, which can be shown to you in a DEMO but let’s wrap it, for now, with EXPERTISE.

A security officer tour system should be created from experience, not by a software company on the other side of the world that jumps on the guard tour system software trend

The original creator of this guard tour system and app learned how to develop an app out of necessity. He was then the CFO of a physical security company and was tasked with finding a new guard tour app and security workforce management system for that company. He was disappointed (to say the least) to find that everywhere he called explained that there would be MANY hours of training to learn to use the system. After spending decades working in the physical security side, understanding the need to play to the lowest common denominator, as well as the high turnover in the security guard industry, he could not accept this.

He set about designing a security officer tour management system and guard tour app with SIMPLICITY as his guiding principle. He replaced fancy/confusing icons with words, made the user interface ULTRA-intuitive, placed highly illustrated USER MANUALS at the fingertips of users, and then brought us in to continue the work with him.

Our team of security officer tour monitoring system experts has expanded the patrol and tour rounds tracking system functionality exponentially while keeping it SUPER. SIMPLE. And everyone in Support did not have the many decades in security that the system creator—who is now our Lead Consultant—did, but we have learned from over 100,000 hours in the trenches, answering calls and emails from security officers, site supervisors, managers and security company owners with questions, OR answers. By that, I mean we’ve developed much of the new functionality in the last several years based on suggestions from security industry customers.

Give the security industry experts at AccountAbility a call if you are looking for a simple, affordable, dependable, and dynamic security officer tour system branded to YOUR Business: (800) 688-9633