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Easy Guard Tour & Patrol System & App

A security guard tour and patrol system should be easy to use. Call (800) 688-9633 or schedule a DEMO of this simple and dependable patrol and guard tour system and App.

Guard tour system software, a guard patrol system and tracking app should be easy to use and still perform all the security functions you and your customers need. You need a simple yet powerful security guard app that a new security officer can pick up and have a full understanding of in less than 30 minutes, so you can concentrate on moving your business forward instead of answering calls about what some cryptic icon does. That is the user-friendly guard tour and patrol app and system software brought to you by AccountAbility.

Nearly two decades ago, our lead consultant was the CFO of a large security officer agency. He was given the task of finding an easier security guard tour tracking app and patrol system for the firm. What he found was discouraging. None of the patrol apps were easy, and any guard tour system software that seemed simple was weak. Being the professional he is, he set about creating the easiest, functional app he could.

Instead of icons he used WORDS. So, if a security officer needed to do an Incident Report, they tapped a mobile app button that read, “INCIDENT REPORT”. If a field officer needed to access Post Orders/Standard Operating Procedures, they tapped a button that read “POST ORDERS/ SOP”. You can’t ask for an easier-to-use format than that in a security officer patrol and tour app.

Since then, our staff of guard tour and patrol app experts has amassed over 100,000 hours of support and further development of that original security officer app, ALWAYS with the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Soldier) at the forefront.

To top it off, we include the latest, highly illustrated, guard tour and patrol app USER MANUAL in the upper right of the mobile app itself, under the blue “?”; one of only two icons on the app, the other being the optional, red “!” icon for the lone-worker security guard “Panic Button” function.  

A user-friendly guard tour app and simple patrol app are here. Call (800) 688-9633 or schedule a DEMO of this easy-to-use security officer patrol and tour system software.

easy-guard-patrol-system-appThe best guard tour and patrol system must be easy for you to manage as well. We understand that operating a 24/7 security business is stressful enough without having to try to figure out what hoops to jump through to add a customer to your guard tour system. So, again, we use words, instead of icons, to make navigating and controlling the guard tour and patrol system as easy and affordable as possible.  

So, Tap, “ADD SITE” to add a new guard post or site. Tap “ADD CHECKPOINTS” to add tour or patrol checkpoints. Tap “REQUEST QR CODES” to get those scannable points emailed back to you, or simply assign the checkpoints to NFC tags, which is like an RFID tag, but requires the security officer to be at exactly that point to scan it. Easy. And we even give you the ability to simply have your security workforce select the checkpoint from the patrol rounds ACTIVITY FORM, and so easily submit “virtual checkpoints” using GPS.  And like the mobile tour and patrol app, the latest version of your illustrated USER MANUAL resides at your fingertips, in the upper right of your ADMIN PORTAL.

And deploying your security officer tour and patrol system is as easy as can be, too. With less than an hour of training—by video, so you can refer back to it whenever you like, and live whenever you have additional questions—you are ready to go. Really, it is that easy.

Your security agency’s customers will be happy too. Their comprehensive reports will arrive like clockwork as you direct, and you can even give them access to their own easy-to-use “REPORTS PORTAL”, where they can access approved tour, patrol, and/or incident reports any time. They can pull exactly the report they want without calling you, again, allowing you to stay on task. We even include a one-page USER MANUAL in the Reports Portal, if you choose to give them access to this simple tool.

Call (800) 688-9633 to discuss this easy-to-use guard tour and patrol system software and app or schedule a DEMO to see how easy a guard management system can be.

Guard tour and patrol systems should have gotten easier to use through the years. There are a few reasons they didn’t, but the main reason is that there are probably 50 TIMES the number of guard tour and patrol system options that there was when we started in this industry. The alarming thing is how many not-so-easy guard tour and patrol software was developed by software companies, with ZERO experience in actual security. And many of those software companies are overseas. Security officer tour and patrol needs are far different in Greece, France, Israel, India, or any of the many non-U.S. locations in which many of the security officer tour and patrol software providers develop their software system and app downloads. And where do they store your classified data? You can rest easy know that our guard tour and patrol systems software and apps are all built and supported here in America. The same place that your data is ultra-safely collected: encrypted going in and encrypted coming out.

If you want an easy, cost-effective security guard tour and patrol system and app, supported 24/7/365 by U.S.-based tour and patrol experts, the choice is simple.  

Easy-to-use and simple to deploy, this security guard tour and patrol system and mobile app gives you what you need, dependably and affordably. Call (800) 688-9633 or get a DEMO HERE.