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Affordable Security Guard Tour & Patrol System

Affordable security guard tour & patrol system software should be a dependable and capable guard tour patrol system too. Call (800) 688-9633 or click to DEMO.

Affordable security guard tour patrol systems are getting harder to come by, especially an affordable and dependable guard tour & patrol system. Seemingly more affordable guard tour and patrol systems may be available from overseas providers, but then there arises a different set of issues. And, please, forget about “free” security guard tour and patrol system downloads. You can read more about “FREE here, but the bottom line is that a for-profit business can no more offer you a free guard tour and patrol system than you can offer free security guard services. A “free” guard tour tracking system will end up costing you a lot more than an affordable but dependable patrol tracking system—word to the wise.

There are a few primary reasons that the AccountAbility guard tour and patrol system can remain so affordable, yet perform so well:

        1. Experience
        2. Stability/ Reliability
        3. Capability
        4. Ease-of-use
        5. Support


We will address each in turn below, or you can just give us a call to discuss it. In a nutshell, the experience that our Support and Development teams have had, both in the physical security and security workforce management SaaS (Software as a Service) end of the business, is exceptional. And it has led to the evolution of a security guard tour and patrol system that is not only affordable, but extremely capable/ robust, reliable, and easy to use; for you, your security officers, and your customers receiving their security reports.

An affordable security guard tour patrol system should be reliable, capable, and easy to use. Call (800) 688-9633 or click to DEMO this affordable security officer patrol tour system.

affordable-security-guard-tour-patrol-system-appExperience in the physical security industry puts Accountability in the top percentages of reputable security guard management software and app companies in the business.  That experience leads to a more affordable guard tour and patrol system and scanning apps for you. This system was initially developed by our lead consultant over a decade ago, when he was the CFO for one of the larger companies in the physical security space. Having already worked in physical security over 20 years, he had been tasked with finding an affordable guard tour and patrol system that was also easy to use and dependable. As you may have guessed, the project did not go well. After a few weeks, he set about developing an affordable officer patrol system himself. Since then, our team—each with our own extensive security and software backgrounds—has updated, upgraded, and tweaked guard management system capabilities based on our conversations with, and support of, YOU, the physical security experts on the front line, every day. Knowing what is needed from the beginning goes a long way is knowing where and how to invest our money and efforts, leading to a more affordable security guard tour system and patrol system for you.

That extensive security industry experience naturally led to a more stable and reliable guard tour and patrol management system as well.

With 100% successful report delivery as of the time of this writing—that is TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of reports, if not hundreds-of-thousands—we can confidently say that this may be the most reliable guard tour and patrol system on the planet. And an affordable guard tour patrol system becomes cost-effective through that dependability and stability; less trouble with the platform = less technical support = a more affordable security guard tour & patrol tracking system and app price. The question is then, how is the AccountAbility security workforce management system so stable and reliable? The answer is that this solution is built on the same ultra-secure and ultra-stable platform used by INTEL, Harvard, Bayer, Emory Healthcare, Verizon, and hundreds of other Fortune 100 companies, healthcare and educational institutions, and government agencies. Your customers count on you more than maybe any other service they have. The last thing you need is an unreliable guard management system.

How do security management, tracking and reporting system capabilities translate to cost-effectiveness?  It is actually a case of how much MORE you get with this affordable guard tour patrol system. Security industry experience, system stability, easy to use apps and management features, and stellar, expert support all contribute to making the guard tour and patrol GPS tracking system more affordable, so that we can include all the additional features. Company Vehicle Reports, Persons/Vehicle Look-ups, In-app messaging, lone-worker protection, Visitor Management, Timekeeping and Attendance, Post Order/ SOP management, Task Management, and a lot more are all currently included in the affordable pricing. One of our proudest achievements is this Community/ Neighborhood Watch App, which provides an additional layer of security that your competitors cannot supply (unless they use us).   

This feature-rich security officer tour system and guard patrol system is made affordable through experience, and the reliability of the guard tour patrol system platform. Call (800) 688-9633 or CLICK to demo.     

Two more significant qualities of this security guard tour patrol system contribute to its exceptional affordability: How easy it is for you, your security workforce—both mobile and stationary, and SUPPORT.

If you saw our homepage, you saw that SIMPLICITY is a well understood quality of the system and has been since the beginning. This goes back to the “Experience” section above that speaks to  how we came to be. Keeping it simple accomplishes two major feats to further contribute to making this an affordable security guard tour system and patrol tracking system.


        1. Security Guard Turnover – We are aware that talent can be hard to find. For whatever myriad of reasons, there is a lot of turnover in the security guard business. It has always been so. The awesome news is that, through our having made this system so easy to use, including a brief mobile app training video and a short, illustrated User Manual right at their fingertips, bringing new guards up to speed is a snap. We are also here to help, 24/7 if they need it, but more about that expert Support below. So, the simplicity of this affordable guard tour patrol system and app saves YOU and your business a great deal of time and money that would otherwise be spent training your people.   
        2. Ongoing Training and Support – Because the guard management system and security guard apps are so easy to use, we don’t have to spend as much money on Training and Support. Don’t worry, we spend what is needed to provide the best Support there is, but it is through the simplicity/ ease-of-use of the security officer tour system and patrol tracking system that it is made even more affordable.

Support is, in fact, the most praised aspect of this affordable patrol and guard tour system, if you read any of the 5 STAR reviews on our homepage or the app stores.  That is because our current team of security support experts has invested over 100,000 hours in the development and support of this guard tour patrol software and security officer monitoring system. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, weekend and holiday, we have answered your calls and security tickets (emails), promptly and efficiently. Our least experienced Support expert has worked with this system for years, and that kind of devotion to a single guard management system and app makes for TRUE expertise. And, given that the system is so easy to use and stable, we don’t need too many Support specialists on hand to provide the best, American, 24/7 Support that you will experience in the security industry.  But you can decide for yourself if AccountAbility is the best name to describe our company.

With our experience, system stability, ease-of use, and awesome Support, it is no wonder this is likely the most affordable security guard tour and patrol system there is. Call (800) 688-9633 or Demo HERE.