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What Makes a Guard Tour or Patrol System the “Best”?

This may be the best guard tour system & patrol system for you. Schedule a DEMO or call a U.S.-based security guard tour and patrol app expert to decide. (800) 688-9633

What makes a security officer tour and patrol system the best guard tour and patrol system for you? That is the real question. One can argue that the best guard tour app is the one with the “most bells and whistles”, but what if half the bells and whistles don’t work optimally? And do you really want regular calls from your security officers because they are confused with all the icons on their “best” patrol app?

Logic dictates that the best guard patrol and tour system and accompanying mobile apps do what you need, and do it WELL. 


Oh, and SUPPORT. The guard tour and patrol system software support provided through AccountAbility is with actual U.S.-based security experts, who have ownership in AccountAbility, and are available 24/7/365. That is as good as it gets. That is the best guard tour and patrol app support you could hope for.   

STABILITY – This Guard Tour and Patrol System & mobile patrol and guard tour app are developed on the same ultra-secure and ultra-stable system as many government agencies, Fortune 100 companies, Universities, and Health Care Providers. Data encrypted going in and data encrypted going out, this platform meets the HIGHEST security protocols and demands keeps your data safe, right here in America. The best security guard tour system and tour app should store your data securely in the USA.

Decide if this is the best guard tour and patrol system for your company by scheduling a DEMO or calling (800)

CAPABILITY – This security guard tour system and patrol system is part of a security officer workforce management system that is among the most capable in the security industry. Not only are the guard tour and patrol tracking apps easy for your officers to use, automatically producing the security reports that you specify, but the system as a whole offers many game-changing and unique capabilities. The Neighborhood/ Community Watch App, discussed below, is one of the big ones.

RELIABILITY – Akin to stability, this guard tour and patrol management system is all the more reliable due to expert design and support. The original developer spent decades in physical security management and is still our lead consultant. Since then, experts certified in the platform have developed the guard tour and patrol software further, due to interactions with you; the managers and soldiers in the field. The stability and reliability of this powerful guard tour and patrol management system and mobile guard tour and patrol app makes this the best tour and patrol solution we’ve seen.

SIMPLICITY – It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is likely the easiest guard tour and patrol app to use in the security industry. Well over a decade ago, our lead consultant was the CFO in a large security officer agency. He was tasked with finding a less complicated guard patrol app and tour system that also worked well. Seems like an easy ask…unless you’ve tried it yourself. So, when he ran into a brick wall, he built the first scanner app, which we have developed ever since, with K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Soldier) as his guiding principle. It worked, and here we are today, with the current iteration of the security officer tour and patrol app and system much more dynamic and powerful, but every bit as simple to use. From submitting real-time reports to accessing Post Orders/ SOP, the best patrol tracking system and patrol app should be as simple to use as possible.

AFFORDABILITY – What good is the best guard tour system if it is not affordable? Our time in the trenches has made it clear that the margins in the security guard business are slimmer than some. The great news is that we will tailor the patrol system and app to YOUR specific security officer agency needs and adjust the price accordingly. It is a cliché, but we are truly excited to grow with you. The best security guard tour and patrol app download should be affordable, and this one is.

AccountAbility – Yes, that is our name for a reason. With over 100,000 hours of supporting this system, our current staff of experts understands what it means to be accountable. We know that security is not a 9 to 5 job, which is why we are here 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to help.

There are some other powerful features that might make this the best guard tour and patrol system for you. You can read about many of them HERE, but the ultra-unique NEIGHBORHOOD/ COMMUNITY WATCH APP is one of our favorites. Built on a customer’s suggestion about seven years ago, the Community Watch App provides an entire additional layer of security to the sites you protect. And, as far as we know, we are still the only security workforce management system with this amazing feature.

The best security guard tour and patrol app should include ALL these benefits. Call (800) 688-9633 or schedule a DEMO to see if this is the best system for you.