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Affordable Security Officer Workforce Management

(Security Workforce Management Cost vs. Benefit)

Affordable Security Workforce Management system and guard app DEMO here, or call (800) 688-9633 to discuss this affordable security officer management system.

Affordable security workforce management software streamlines security officer operations, while fitting into your budget. A good security guard workforce management system is crucial if you want to compete in today’s growing security officer company space.  Security guard company customers have come to expect DAR, or Daily Activity Reports, emailed daily, and sometimes real-timeincident reports as well. Having an affordable security workforce management solution that also provides these functions, and more, will make your customers happy and your guard management easier.

So, how much does an “affordable” security guard workforce management system cost?

The guard management system, guard tour app, and patrol tracking app offered through AccountAbility Global is Software as a Service (SaaS), so is based on a monthly charge to include service and the highest level of support. The pricing is based on your business model, to keep the security guard app and workforce management system as affordable as possible. This means that if it is more cost-effective for you to base the subscription on users, then that is the way we’ll go. Or, if basing cost on sites is the way to make your security officer workforce management system more affordable, then that is the way will go. If you are a medium to large security guard company, then we can even discuss the cost for “unlimited” security management system sites and users per state, country, or globally.  The point is that the cost will be as affordable as is realistic, and it will be based on your security guard company structure.

Cost versus benefit is also an important consideration, whether a security guard workforce management system is affordable or not. But, if you have landed on this page, then you already know that the benefit of powerful security workforce system software is huge, and really more of a necessity than a “benefit”.

Schedule a DEMO of this affordable and cost-effective security workforce management system or call a guard management system software and app expert at (800) 688-9633

affordable-security-workforce-management-capabilitiesAffordability is important, and we have pretty much checked that box. Other very important considerations in a security guard tour management system include reliability, safety for your security officers in the form of a mobile PANIC button, ease-of-use for management, your security officers, and your customers, reporting capabilities, customer satisfaction, training, and support. Accountability Global has you covered on all fronts.

We have you covered because the security guard management system experts at AccountAbility Global, from our highest-level tech personnel to our entry level support person, have honed our skills, and the security workforce management software and app themselves, based on our experience working with you. Decades of security industry experience, combined with the resulting wisdom that YOU know more about what is best for your security guard business than we do, has resulted in a powerful, unique, and affordable security guard management system and security guard app that truly deliver. 

And that same level of security business expertise resides in our sales and support departments as well. Our core team alone shares over 100,000 hours of security industry experience, and likely double that amount if we count software experience. So, we are not a bunch of software experts who decided to make a buck in the security guard space. And we are not overseas software developers developing security guard workforce management system software and apps for US security officer companies with no understanding of American security. We are tried and true US based security workforce management system and app experts.

Lastly, I need to address the misleading “security workforce management” companies paying to advertise “FREE guard tour system” or a “FREE security guard app” download.  We have worked in the security guard business for a long time, and we are aware of the slim profit margins that most jobs provide.  That can lead someone to seek out “FREE” or super “cheap” security guard tracking apps and management systems. But it will cost you BIG time in the end. No one pays for advertising to provide FREE or super CHEAP security workforce management software. It is bait and switch.

Whether you decide that AccountAbility Global offers the best security guard workforce management system software and scanning app or not, please stay aware of that untruth.

Call us today at (800) 688-9633 to discuss this affordable security workforce management system or click HERE to schedule a demonstration of the guard management software and app.