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Reliable Security Guard Tour & Patrol System

A reliable security guard tour & patrol system should be easy to use and affordable. Call (800) 688-9633 or DEMO to see if this reliable guard tour patrol system is best for you.

Reliability is important in any service or product that we count on, and there are few industries that it is more important in than the SECURITY industry. Choosing the best, most reliable security guard tour and patrol system will take care of the technical end of managing your security workforce, and let you concentrate on the rest. But what makes a guard tour patrol system and app reliable?

Everyone pushing their security software “solution” claims to have a reliable security guard tour and patrol system, but many do not. Having worked in the security guard management system and guard tracking app space for many years, we are still surprised how often we hear that some other security guard app did an “upgrade” that now won’t allow the new app download to write NFC tags, or that the morning DAR (Daily Activity Report) didn’t go out, or Geofencing stopped working…NOT good. NOT acceptable. So then, how do you find a truly dependable security officer tour and patrol system?   

A good starting place is to find out what kind of contract or agreement the security SaaS (Software as a Service) company is trying to tie you into. Some of the biggest guard tour and patrol system providers are not incredibly reliable (especially when it comes to Support, but we will get to that), so they ask for a YEAR contract. Then, when you are nice and entrenched in their product, they explain just before renewal that you were not being charged for some of the services for some reason, so your rate will be going up significantly upon renewal. True story.

AccountAbility—and yes, that is our name for a reason—has NO binding contract and NO set-up fees. That is because we have the confidence that comes with manufacturing and supplying an actual reliable security guard tour and patrol system. Simply, if you ever think that you find a better deal elsewhere for a dependable guard tour patrol system, or, if this security workforce management system turns out NOT to be reliable, then you just don’t pay us the next payment.  That is pretty strong when you think about it.

A reliable security officer tour and patrol system provider does not need to bind you with a contract. Call (800) 688-9633 or DEMO to see if this reliable guard tour patrol system is what you need.  dependable-guard-tour-patrol-system-app

Much of our confidence in this dependable guard tour and patrol system comes from having built it on the right foundation from the beginning, over a decade ago now. The platform on which our foundation stands is the same used by hundreds of government agencies, medical facilities, universities, and some of the largest tech and fortune 100 Companies in the world. This super-secure, super-stable platform makes for as stable and dependable a security guard tour system and patrol tracking system as there is. As a matter of fact, as of the time this page of our website was published our customers have enjoyed 100% successful report delivery to their customers! Again, you can’t find a more reliable security guard reporting, tracking, scanning, and overall guard tour and patrol management system than that.

The simplicity of the patrol tracking app and guard tour management pieces contribute to the dependability too. This is not to say that the security workforce management system is not incredibly capable and robust in features, but that the user experience is very easy. This goes for your mobile patrol app users, your security officers who are stationary in a guardhouse, lobby, or who may be utilizing the Visitor Management piece of the system, and for those managers monitoring or controlling everything form the guard tour and patrol system ADMIN PORTAL (Command Center). The reason that an easier user experience makes for a more reliable guard tour patrol system is simple: If your security workforce is not confused with their apps, and you and your customers can easily access and/or control what you need to, then there is far less room for user error!

Reliability is necessary (and wonderful when it’s real!), but it matters little if the reliable guard tour and patrol system is not affordable. We are very aware that security officer agency margins are tight. For this reason, we have developed what is likely the most customizable security guard patrol app and guard tour system in the business, to give you exactly what you want, and not have you pay for what you don’t want. This extreme customization capability—which also lends to your security officers not having buttons/functions that they don’t need and so will only service to confuse, translates to a more affordable reliable guard tour and patrol system.

This easy to use and dependable security officer tour system and patrol tracking system are built on an ultra-reliable platform, and still affordable. Call (800) 688-9633 or CLICK to discuss.

Real 5-STAR reviews will also help you determine if guard tour patrol system software is reliable. “Real” is stressed because many competitors have taken to writing fake reviews. The good news is that fake 5-star reviews can’t be verified. The reviews on our HOME page are all from verifiably real security officer agencies. And you want to be sure that guard tour system and app reviews are real, whether good OR bad, and not from some review-farm from another country. 

And, when you read those reviews, or the 5-star Google Reviews, Playstore reviews, and Apple App Store reviews for AccountAbility Global LLC, you will see that reliable SUPPORT is a common point of praise for this guard tour and patrol system. We are flattered, but it is surprising to us that everyone does not offer 24/7 U.S.-based expert support. It often seems that the larger the security service software company is the poorer their Support is. Sadly, some of the largest players in the space are the oldest, often still pushing difficult and outdated technology, so they seem to have chosen to ignore most Support requests and just keep selling new customers to replace the disappointed ones who leave! That will never be our way.

Not here. Not ever. Our name is AccountAbility for a reason.    

Call a verifiably reliable security guard tour & patrol system company. NO binding Contract & NO set-up fees with this reliable security officer tour and patrol system software. (800) 688-9633